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Arena of World of Warcraft

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Your health and mana are set to full.
Mana/Rage/Energy costs are reduced to zero during the countdown so that teams can quickly buff up and prepare for the match.
Soul Shard costs are reduced to zero so that warlocks can summon Healthstones for their party without needing to bring an excessive number of stones for their group. This also means that warlocks can summon pets during this period without using a soul shard.
Pets are dismissed upon entering an arena. Players must re-summon them once entering.
Players cannot change armor once an arena battle has begun, even if out of combat. Changing armor will still be possible during the one-minute prep time prior to the battle. Main hand, off hand and range weapon swapping in combat is still allowed.
No consumables other than bandages, Arena Water, and conjured items can be used while in the arena.
Team Flags
Each player automatically carries a flag that indicates what team they are on.
After the countdown expires, the gates fly open and the match officially begins. Use teamwork, coordination, and communication to outplay your opponents! You will have no information about who your opponents are or what their class composition is until the match begins.
Death in the Arena
When a character is defeated in an Arena match, they'll have the option to run around and "spectate" as a ghost by clicking on the appropriate option in the release spirit window. As a spectator, you can move freely around the arena and view the action but can not be seen by or interact with other players.
Victory Conditions
Every Arena match is a game of Last Man Standing, meaning that the match ends once all characters on one team have died, with the other team being the winner. There is no time limit for Arena matches.
Post-Match Summary
After the fight is over, a scoreboard appears with the following info:
Player names
Team names
Killing Blows per player
Damage Done per player
Healing Done per player
Rating adjustment per team
Other Information
Abilities/spells/items with cooldowns longer than 15 minutes cannot be used while in the arena.
There is a power-up that allows you to see stealthed or invisible players, but it increaess damage taken by 5% for picking it up. Duration is 15 seconds. This allows you to combat players who attempt to hide to delay the match.
When players enter the Arena, all cooldowns on spells or items that have 15 minutes or less are reset. This allows them to have all their abilities available when the fight begins.
Players can use the /teamquit or /teamdisband command in order to leave an Arena team. Example: /teamquit 2v2
The last pet a player had summoned will be resummoned outside the Arena upon leaving.
Items that are indicated as quest items in their tooltips and have a "use" or "equip" ability will not work in arenas.
Personal Rating: The amount a player's personal rating can climb above his or her team's rating is now limited.
The benefits of drinking out of combat have been delayed while in the Arena. It will now take four seconds before the full benefit of the mana regeneration will come into effect.
If a character's personal rating is 150 or more points below the team rating, they will earn points based on their personal rating instead of the team rating.
If the average personal rating of the players queuing for a game is 150 points or more below the team's rating, the team will be queued against an opponent matching or similar to the average personal rating.
Players feared outside of the Arena (through the world or outside the arena walls) will be teleported back to the center of the arena map.

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