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Basics about Paladin Tanks and Off-Tanking

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Paladins differ in tanking from warriors who generate most of their threat (aggro) from the damage they cause, which is similar to druid tanks. However, much of the threat that you cause as a Paladin tank comes from being hit or from causing holy damage. Aura of Retribution, Blessing of Sanctuary, and Holy Shield are all prime examples of this.

A Tankadin gains aggro through the holy damage that you cause.  This means that to hold aggro on a target you need to cause as much holy damage as possible.  This means that you need to have a decent amount of +damage so that you can cause enough holy damage, luckily a very reasonable amount will suffice.  While doing this you also need to worry about your primary stats of Stamina and +defensive skill that your healer can actually keep you alive.

Paladin tanks have slightly worse damage mitigation than a warrior or druid tank, especially when taking big slow hits. However, when taking many fast hits we are better than either of the other tanking classes. While we do not have a rage bar, we have a mana bar that gets used in much the same way, and gets replenished every time we get healed (10% of all healing returned as mana at level 70) or as we block or dodge attacks if using Blessing of Sanctuary. While we only have one taunt, we have a backup in the form of Blessing of Protection, and a ranged pull back in the form of the Avengers shield. We also have a stun on a 30 second timer.

Because all of the Paladin abilities are on timers or act for very short time frames, tanking as a Paladin involves very close management of spell casting. You constantly have to manage seals, judgments, holy shield, stuns, consecration, and more. It can take some serious getting used to.

On the off-tanking issue, because much of the threat generated as a Paladin tank is from being hit, we do not make very good off tanks. It is possible, but more difficult than a warrior or druid off tanking.

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