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Black War Bear Guide

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   Anyway you can have your own bear mount, this one has a crude war black with armor plating! It's only as difficult as gathering a large enough raid force and killing all the Horde or Alliance faction leaders.

We're sure that there are many different strategies but for now we're going to show the ones we've used in the past before this achievement came into existance for killing the Alliance Leaders. Horde is a easy way because Blizzard shows obvious favoritism to the Alliance.

Getting in sucks, but execution isn't hard. Gather up the army in Grom'gol in STV. It should be easy and epic for everybody to make it on the Zepplin. Ride out along the coast and take to the ocean, swim a wise north along the coast to the Westfall Lighthouse, from Westfall you can skirt the riverbank and enter Elwynn Forest. Once you're there it's a stright mad dash into Stormwind proper. Once inside, try to stick to the right side of the street and dash your way along the edge of the city (through Old Town) and into the Keep. Inside the keep you might have some precious few moments to regroup in one of the side rooms full of nobels and such. Stormwind's King hits HARD, he's not like Bolvar. Drop his ass and make way to the Deeprun Tram where you can regroup once again and rebuff the dead.

Ironforge is another crazy fight, that's going to be hard as hell, but an easy entry this time. From the Deeprun Tram you can enter IF and kill the Gnome Leader (for fun, weakest leader there is hah!) Hang a right and run past the Hall of Exlorers. Keep going until you reach the Hall of Mystery (the little pool and all the priest/paladin trainers) from there you can skirt through to the center of the city and avoid as much of the AH/Bank crowd as possible. People like to linger by the Anvil as well so I didn't cut through there at all. King Magni is a fucking nightmare to fight but a trophy well won! From there you can bubble hearth or simply bail out and begin to prepare for some naval combat.

For our part, Darnassus is one of the hardest. Coming from Darkshore (ride out from Zoram Strand) you'll have to take over one of the boats leading to Teldrassil. Take passage through the portal and you'll be in Darnassus itself. There's lots of room here to hide out along the edge of the city and regroup and rebuff/mana/health. Once you enter the Temple of Elune you're pretty much going to be slammed constantly.

As one of the easiest entrees, Exodar is possible in part. Fresh from killing Tyrande, you can fight your way back out of Darnassus and take the other boat to Azuremist Isle. Directly next to the boat docks is the backdoor entrance (finally a break) to the Exodar. Best part is, that entrance leaves you at the foot of the stairs heading to Velenn's perch. Bad news is that you'll be right next to all the Battle Masters and a bunch of elite guards. So far you should do what you've been doing and congratulation on your new mount!
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