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Casual Mage Raiding Guide

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  Right now, the players who are level 60 right now and don't relish the chance to enter the PVP fray doing massively less damage than heavily geared raiders, those words are a sad truth. Here are some tricks of the trade from a casual player who has made the jump into the raiding game without totally hating it. While many of the specifics will be out of date in a few months with the release of the Burning Crusade, the concepts will hold true for the next generation of Mages, setting forth to raid for the first time at level 70.
   You all know that the main job of a Mage is to cast spells to deal damage. This guide isn't going to cover every point of every spec and the Mage's role in every fight. But here are some general considerations in how you spend those precious talent points.
First and foremost, it is important to get the talent that reduces threat for your main nuking tree. A Mage that pulls aggro and dies does no more damage for the rest of the fight (presuming that they didn't cause a wipe outright).
Consider what your back-up spell is going to be. If you're fire specced, you're going to be severely limited in MC and BWL. Frost specs face a similar dilemma against Sapphiron at the end of Naxx, though we'd imagine that relatively few people reading this guide for tips currently have that problem. Regardless of spec, there are enemies in AQ20 and AQ40 that reflect specific spells, forcing you to use alternatives.
Be prepared to make choices between raiding and PVP/farming. While mages have it a lot better than other classes, every tree faces some choices where talents you'd really like for non-raiding use are simply useless once you zone into a raid.
Arcane Missiles suffers from poor mana efficiency and is rumored to occupy an invisible debuff slot on enemies, causing the raid to lose the benefits of far more valuable debuffs on the mobs. Contrary to some popular belief, AM is not entirely without benefits in raiding. The talent to make the spell uninterruptible makes it a passable option for situations when you must cast while taking damage. You're also significantly less likely to pull aggro while casting AM even without the aggro reducer, simply because AM crits only affect one of the five missile volleys. And, of course, it's a source of Arcane spell damage for fights where a mob is vulnerable to Arcane spells. In general, though, AM is not very popular as a primary raid nuke, and you can expect to run out of mana a lot more when using it.
At level 60, heavy (21+) Arcane specs don't offer great utility for level 60 raiding. Arcane Power and Presence of Mind are fun talents that do a lot of damage in PVP, but you're giving up a lot of damage potential in other trees to get that burst damage, and risking aggro on yourself in the process. You're more commonly going to see a main spec in another tree with low end Arcane talents to add mana regen.
The official talent preview for the Burning Crusade suggests that the 20+ point region of the Arcane tree is going to get several new talents that improve the effectiveness of all spells. It's distinctly possible that these talents will outweigh the damage gained by shooting for 41 points in either of the other two trees.
More information about casual Mage raiding, the shortcut is that you can come to our cheap wow gold site to look for your desired information. We will update this topic in a while in order to help more players to get the hang of it.
We will continue to make mention of casual Mage raiding guide for all of you who can not wait to take a quick look at it. So it is the time for all of you to pay more attention.
Above all we talk about the fire and frost spec. On one hand, fire specs suffer heavily in the low end raiding game because resistance or even outright immunity to fire is very common in MC and BWL. Though in all other instances, Fire Mages do more damage than either of the alternatives. Many high-end guilds that would have frowned on fire specs are now mandating fire specs as they try to tackle AQ40 and Naxx.
The Mage talent introduced changes intended to favor Elementlist builds. And indeed, Fire Mages will want to spend 3 points in the Frost tree to obtain Elemental Precision, which offers a sizeable spell hit bonus (and will continue to, even after trees are revised for the expansion). Unfortunately, the other synergy fire mages will find in the frost tree is Shatter, which has limited use in raiding. In general, Mages with a primary spec in Fire are going to find more raid utility out of mana efficiency talents in the Arcane tree than a foray into frost.


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