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Casual Mage Raiding Guide

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Fire specs are in line to obtain a new talent, Molten Fury, which will allow for a massive damage boost on foes below 20% life. In lengthy raid fights where that last 20% can be a huge chunk of HP, this will be a huge benefit, well worth going above 31 points in Fire for.
On the other hand, Frostbolt Mages are kings of the mana efficiency game. Combined with an off-spec in Arcane, a frost Mage can expect to last for a very long time before running out of mana. Unfortunately, many of the snaring and freezing effects a frost Mage relies on solo and in PVP are worthless in raids, because enemies are immune.
A heavy frost spec gets two key talents that improve Mage survivability. The first is ice block, which, like a Paladin's bubble, makes the Mage temporarily invulnerable. This talent can be used offensively to remove annoying debuffs, and defensively when a Mage pulls aggro. Note that this spell isn't an aggro wipe like a Hunter's Feign Death or a Rogue's Vanish, so caution should be used in resuming DPS on a target. The other, Ice Barrier, allows a frost Mage to essentially heal himself, reducing burden on healers and allowing uninterrupted casting. Both are recommended for high end frost specs.
Many Mages are going to be tempted to go to 41 points for the water elemental. Stopping at ice barrier and switching to the Arcane tree for mana efficiency and extra DPS upgrades may or may not be a better choice, but we won't know until balancing in the beta test is finished.
It can be expansive to get your gear enchanted, and that expense seems wasted if the gear sucks and you replace it shortly thereafter. But remember that enchants are always on, while other consumable options expire after time, or upon death. That makes enchants a decent investment even on gear you'll only be using for a short time. Low end enchants: Many nice enchants are very cheap.
Gear is the biggest thing that affects your raid DPS. By and large, you want spell damage above all other stats. Spell crit and spell hit can be valued in terms of spell damage. Your mana pool comes next. The Mage traveled a significant distance into AQ40 wearing the cape from honored with the AV battleground, and still uses the wand for victory in AV. If you don't have a top end staff, the exalted off-hands from AV are amongst the best options in the game. Keep your eyes on all rep rewards so you can target items that will be good upgrades without requiring you to mortgage your life to the Honor System. Blizzard will soon be revamping the honor system to make honor function more like currency. When that happens, it will become increasingly common for all classes to be able to supplement their raiding gear by targeting one or two choice upgrades and earning them with PVP over time.
Almost all guilds rely on some form of Dragon Kill Points to distribute loot from raids to people who have been present to help the guild learn the encounters. However this can work in favor of the new or casual raider. In every instance, there are certain items that are deemed "the best" that people will save up for. This often means that bargains can be had on less popular items.


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