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Class Changes (2)

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About the Affliction tree
Haunt: It should be more than 20%. Haven't settled on the right number yet. Should be "coming back" when you apply a new Haunt or when the effect ends, will check on that.
Pandemic: I'm not sure it works the way you're describing, are you sure it rolls twice? I'll check tomorrow.
Shadow Embrace: Not sure I buy that, Haunt has a 10 second cooldown, the duration lasts 12 seconds. Suppose we could put Drain Life on this. You aren't really intended to just AOE MS.
Everlasting Affliction: The philosophy is that Shadow Priests and Affliction Warlocks have harsher DPS rotations than most classes, so we chilled those out and gave the classes who had little to no rotations a rotation. You can still ignore this talent and go crazy with your rotation if you wish.
Haunt rank 2 is not healing and the imp hp buff is bugged
Arms Talent Feedback
This thread is a little bit different from some of the others I've started, because I'm going to povide a little more direction on a few specific talents. This is a discussion of ARMS however. Also note that we want the tree to be both PvE and PvP viable so keep that in mind when responding.
First, we're not dramatically overhauling warrior stances. At least not now. We have talked about it quite a bit, and it's something we might do in the future, but it does require a lot discussion. So we aren't taking away the penalties and we aren't adding a bonus to Arms for now. However, if there are less dramatic changes that totally "fix" Battle Stance for you, feel free to mention those. An example might be putting Pummel into Arms (perhaps with a talent).
Second, Bladestorm. Currently it allows you to use white attacks and we're inclined to leave it that way. It can do an awful lot of damage right now, so I hope your feedback isn't that it doesn't hit hard enough. I know several people want it to break fear instead of just prevent it.
Third, Sudden Death. Some people love it because it's actually a decision when it lights up. Other people hate it for the same reason.
Fourth, Wrecking Crew. This is pretty much just a discussion of the Enrage mechanic, unless you just think the numbers are off or something.
I shouldn't need to remind you of this, and many of you will probably disagree anyway, but warriors are exceedinly difficult to balance. Because of the way rage works, it is really easy to make warriors too weak or too powerful and hard to hit the sweet spot. And yes, you are very gear-dependent.
Fury Talent Feedback
With one exception. No Titan's Grip talk permitted.
I know you want to talk about it some more, but the topic has a tendency to fill up every thread into which it sneaks. I want to make sure other Fury issues get ample coverage. Anything else is open game.

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