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Cooking Guide For the Horde!

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Bats, Spiders, and Bears, oh my! If you're Horde (and why wouldn't you be?) here's one route to take to become the master chef:
from 1 - 40 make the spice bread* recipe that you get from the trainer, same as for Alliance. Spice Bread (1 x Simple Flour, 1 x Mild Spices) x 50
40 - 75, you'll be cooking up those bears, but they wanted to eat you anyway, so it's ok: Smoked Bear Meat (1x Bear Meat) x 60
Rat burgers! From 90 - 125.. oh wait, it's Dig Rat Stew*, not burgers. (1 x Dig Rat) x 40
125 - 175 you're going to be lion hunting. You'll want the meat for your Hot Lion Chops (1 x Lion Meat, 1 x Hot Spices) x 60
175 - 200 is Roast Raptor* (1 x Raptor flesh, 1 x Hot Spices) x 30
for 200 - 225 you'll be cooking up some yummy Spider Sausage (2 x White Spider Meat) x 30
For 225 - 285, just like the Allies, it's the Monster Omelet (1 x Giant Egg, 2 x Soothing Spices) x 80. Since Giant Eggs are hard to find and since recipe will go green long before 285, you might want to go for Filet of Redgill and/or Undermine Clam Chowder*. Ingredients for both of these are a lot easier to find than the Giant Eggs for the Monster Omelet.

250-285: Break out your fishing rod and catch a mess of Nightfin and Sunscale Salmon. You're going to make Nightfin soup and/or Poached Sunscale Salmon. These two go yellow at 275 so will be good to take you up to the next item.
From 285 - 300 cook up some Smoked Desert Dumplings (1 x Sandworm Meat, 1 x Soothing Spices) x 20. To get this recipe:
Go see Calandrath in Cenarion Hold (51, 39) in Silithus
Accept quest: Desert Recipe. Note: You must already have cooking 285 and be level 54+ to get this quest.
Go to 37, 45 (which is west of Cenarion Hold) and right click on open book that is on crate to complete the Desert Recipe quest.
Accept "Sharing the Knowledge" quest and return to Calandrath to complete the quest and have the recipe: Smoked Desert Dumplings put in your recipe book.
Depending on how lucky you are you might have to kill a lot of beasties to get enough meat to level your skill.You'll kill tons of Dredge Strikers and Dredge crushers, or the sandworms North East of Cenarian Hold.

Next is the famous Ravager Dog* to get your skill from 300 to 325+. (1 x Ravager Flesh)
Get the master cooking book from Baxter, at the Thrallmar Inn, in Hellfire Penninsula to open up your 300+ cooking skill.
Buy the Ravager dog recipe* at Thrallmar, from Cookie One eye.
This is a nice recipe for three reasons: 1) +40 to attack power and +20 to Spirit, 2) you don't need anything other than the meat and a fire, and 3) There are lots of Ravagers to the west, they have a high drop rate for Ravager Meat, and they're easy enough to kill.

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