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Cooking Guide For the Horde!

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325 - 350 Get the recipe: Roasted Clefthoof* (1 x Clefthoof Meat) x 35-40. This one boosts Str & Spirit. Like the Ravager Dog it just needs the meat. You can get the recipe in Nagrand: Horde can pick it up from Nula the Butcher in Garadar, Alliance can get it from CrestUriku in Telaar. Get the meat from all the various clefthoof beasts in the area (around a 25% drop) and from Banthar's (lower drop rate.)

350 - 375 go for the Spicy Crawdad (1 x Furious Crawdad) x 30-40. Alliance can pick up the recipe from Innkeeper Baribi at the Allerian Hold Inn. She sells both [Recipe: Golden Fish Sticks] and [Recipe: Spicy Crawdad] in unlimited quantities. Each sells for 3G. Horde can find the same recipes from Rungor in Stonebreaker hold. As for the furious crawdads you can either buy them off the auction house or fish for them from the highland mixed pools found in the lakes of Terrokar Forest, at night. The catch? Most of these lakes are only accessible if you can fly. Thottbot has lots of details, in the comments, on how to catch these crawdads.

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1-375 Rapid Cooking Alliance Guide


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