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Cooking Quests Guide

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   So far we've added the cooking quests from a recent Wrath of the Lich King beta patch to our Wrath Cooking gallery, and I have to say that I've really enjoyed them. The quests are more involved and entertaining than the ones from The Burning Crusade. They require more than running to your guild bank, withdrawing 4 Warp Burgers, then depositing whatever random meat you get out of your crate.
   Daily cooking quests are available from The Rokk in Shattrath City. In addition to wow gold, you can receive random cooking reagents and new recipes as a reward for completing these quests.
For this quest, The Rokk will provide you a Cooking Pot to cook the Kaliri Stew with. Go to Skettis for this quest, since this is the place to get the materials for the Kaliri Stew. The Kaliri Stew itself will need 3 Warp Burgers and a Giant Kaliri Wing. The Warp Burger is a cooked food  and can be easily attainable nearby from the Blackwind Warp Chasers at the mountainsides of Skettis. The Giant Kaliri Wing on the other hand can be gotten from the Monstrous Kaliris that roam all around Skettis.
You should remember these annoying large birds that fly around while you were doing your Skettis daily quests. To get the Giant Kaliri Wing, you will need to find a Monstrous Kaliri and kill it. The only problem would be that you will need to find a Monstrous Kaliri and engage it in mid-air, then try to fly down to a nearby land, a nearby platform, some nearby cliff, or even just jump down to the water and bring it with you, then kill it properly. The drop rate for the Giant Kaliri Wing is rather low, around 3% or so. And since these Monstrous Kaliris are now needed for a quest, you'll be seeing less Monstrous Kaliris around sometimes, since other players will hunt them too. Just fly around and engage them until you get a Giant Kaliri Wing. Once you get the necessary materials, cook the Kaliri Stew near any cooking fire and you're done. Deliver the Kaliri Stew back to The Rokk and the quest is complete.
Both Soup for the Soul and Super Hot Stew are provided by cooking pot. On first quest, the Cooking Pot requires only cooked food, so this quest is actually easy. Cooking the Spiritual Soup requires 4 Roasted Clefthoof, so if you don't have them ready, just go kill some Clefthoof around Nagrand and cook up the 4 Clefthoof Meat that you get.
After getting the 4 Roasted Clefthoof, go to the Ancestral Grounds in Nagrand. It's located near the mountains at the southwest of Nagrand, a little west of the Consortium post. Once you have reached the place, find a bonfire there and cook the Spiritual Soup there. Note that there are some orc mobs nearby so you will have to clear some of them before you can cook the Spiritual Soup properly. Once the Spiritual Soup has been cooked, return to The Rokk and present it to him to complete the quest.
The second quest's location is Blade's Edge Mountains, so head there if you get this quest. Same with the Soup for the Soul quest, you only need cooked foods to cook the required Demon Broiled Surprise. The cooked foods needed this time are 2 Mok'Nathal Shortribs and 1 Crunchy Serpent. If you don't have them beforehand, you can go and kill some raptors at the Razor Ridge and wind serpents at the Scalewing Shelf in Blade's Edge Mountains until you get 2 Raptor Ribs and 1 Serpent Flesh.
Somewhere cook them up with a cooking fire and then proceed to Forge Camp: Terror, located at the southern Vortex Pinnacle. Be careful of the Fel Flak Cannons there, or you might got shot down. Once you reach the Vortex Pinnacle, land and use your land mount instead to avoid being shot down by the Fel Flak Cannons. Once you reach Forge Camp: Terror, look for an Abyssal Flamebringer and kill it. Once its dead, stand on top of its corpse and use the Cooking Pot to cook the Demon Broiled Surprise. Once it's completed, deliver it back to The Rokk to complete the quest.
These are four kinds of quest the Rokk has to offer for the daily quest. Each day, The Rokk will offer a random quest from those quests listed above. It's a good idea to stock up on the listed cooked foods beforehand so you don't have to bother with killing additional mobs just to get their meat to cook. Completing the cooking daily quest will get you 7g and 59s as a money reward, together with a choice of Barrel of Fish or Crate of Meat as the item reward. These 2 items hold raw food items together with a random gray-quality item and sometimes, the new Cooking recipes introduced with the patch.

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