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Crafting in World of Warcraft

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Gems and Jewelry 
Gems are found two ways. One is that they can be crafted by taking a gem and refining it with the Jewelcrafting skill. The second is to purchase it from various NPC vendors (who may or may not be controlled by reputation). The first method is great for producing very fine refined gems from gems while the second is great to put into filler gear or anything you find that needs a gem but doesn't need something overly expensive.
Your basic gems currently can increase the following:
Attack Power
Spell Damage
Spell Critical Rating
Hit Rating
Critical Strike Rating
Defense Rating
Spell Penetration
Mana every 5 sec
Combination of gems can include resists, run speed buffs, chance to stun or restore health on melee attack, reduced threat, and more. There are advanced colors, such as orange, green, and purple that combine two bonuses (by mixing colors). Meta gems are combinations of lots of gems and include the most powerful bonuses.
Jewelry comes in various rings, necklaces, trinkets and statues. The new item in this list, statues, is similar to the Shaman's totems and provides a pulsing heal on the Jewelcrafter for a short period of time. The rings, necklaces, and trinkets are very powerful and their low level creations are extremely viable.
Items with sockets drop from various powerful enemies are generally more powerful their normal counterparts due to having the ability to be upgraded with gems. Sockets aren't randomly added to gear, but are assigned to items beforehand as if they were part of the items statistics. There are four types of sockets: blue, red, yellow, and the rare meta. The first three can accept any color gem but meta (but gain a bonus for going into a socket of their same color). Meta sockets are the only sockets that accept meta gems which are reserved for some of the most powerful gear out there (due to the shear power that the meta gems contain).
Gems are placed into sockets through the socket interface. Simply shift-right-click any item with available sockets to bring the interface up. The interface is easy to use, just drag and drop your gems into any available socket. Once they've been inserted they can't be removed. You can overwrite them with a new jewel, but you can't remove them and maintain the original gem.
If you fill each socket with the proper color gem (for instance red with red, blue with blue) then you'll get the Socket Bonus that comes with the item. In the above screenshot if you placed in a red and a blue gem then you would gain an additional 3 spirit.
Recipe Tip
In case you didn't notice, all recipes have a color associated with them. The name of the recipe can be white, green or blue. Green and blue recipes are loot drops, but white recipes are bought from vendors or given as a quest reward. Any time you see a white recipe at the Auction House, there's a good chance that another player has purchased that from a vendor and is selling it at a markup. Seriously consider finding this vendor yourself before you bid on those recipes. You'll usually save 50% or more by visiting the vendor or doing the quest yourself.

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