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Death Knights use Runes and Runic Power for all of their abilities

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Death Knights use Runes and Runic Power for all of their abilities. They have two sets of three different types of runes (Blood, Unholy, and Frost) equaling a total of six runes. These runes are located directly below the health and Runic Power bar. Each ability consumes a set number of runes which are then deactivated and cannot be used by another ability. After ten seconds they'll be reactivated to be used again. You can tell a rune is out of play by looking to see if it's grayed out.
In World of Warcraft world, each class use a mystical resource to utilize their ability. Like Mage, Mage users use "mana" to fuel their arcane, holy, demonic spells and so on. Warrior has  "rage" to fill up as they get "madder" or in game terms take or receive damage. Rogues use "Energy" which starts at 100 points and regenerates rather quickly. On the other hand Death Knights use two sources of "mystical power". Runes which are embedded on their weapon (lore wise) and the runic power they gain from using Runes. Here we avail ourselves of this opportunity to talk about Death Knight Runes and Runic power.
It is very important to understand that different abilities make use of differnet runes with different rune costs. It is key to utilizing the full power for the Death Knight.
Death Strike is an instant cast ability with no cool-downn which costs 1 Unholy and 1 Frost Rune. This means that you'll be able to use it again after the global cool-down is done. So you use it and then wait three seconds to use it again. You'd have four runes recharging and would not be able to use it or any ability that uses Frost or Unholy Runes until they were done recharging. After ten seconds passed you'd be able to use the ability again and then after another four seconds passed when the second set of runes recharged you could have another go again.
Once you use Death Strike, then Icy Touch comes alone. It costs you 2 Unholy Runes and 1 Frost Rune. This means that you would be unable to do another Death Strike. You would have only 1 Frost Rune active but the spell requires 1 Frost Rune and 1 Unholy Rune to be active in order to use it. You would need to wait 10 seconds from the first Death Strike to be able to do another Death Strike. Meanwhile, you would still have 1 Frost and 2 Blood Runes to use.
It does not mean that all abilities require runes to be able to used. Runic Power is gained as you use various abilities that consume Runes. It'll decrease over time, but during fights you should usually have some after a few abilities. Many "finishing" moves require Runic Power along with some of the more powerful spells. For instance, Death Coil requires 40 Runic Power. You can use Death Coil when you've used enough abilities powered by Runes to gain 40 Runic Power.
Both Rune and Runic Power work hand in hand. You'll be using various abilities that consume Runes until you have enough Runic Power to use a (usually) powerful spell that is fueled by the energy you've gained from combat. It's very similar to how combo points work for Rogues, except every Rune based ability contributes to Runic Power and not just certain ones.
As you use the abilities they will consume Runes. That is to say, you will gain the Runic Power from using your abilities charging up to use an ability that use it instead of Runic Power. To unleash the ability is a great way to gap up the time it takes Runes for to recharge.
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