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Death Knight Starting Area

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     Death Knights have a special instanced version of Eastern Plaguelands in Wrath of the Lich King, where they follow through an epic storyline starting with their training and leading up to join the Horde and Alliance. Here we avail ourselves of this opportunity to talk about the guide to the Death Knight starting area.
     The first and foremost is the starting adventure. The adventure begins as soon as you create your character. You will load up in front of the Lich King who will have a quest marker above his head. Before you do anything you should keep in mind that you go ahead and arrange your inventory, setup your U.I, and do anything make you feel you are ready for play. Keep in mind that your Death Knight will be level fifty five (55) so you're going to be starting off at a rather high level. However, you will not have any talent points. These will be awarded to you through quests instead.
     The first quest will be given by the Lich King in front of you. According to the report to  Instructor Razuvious in the Heart of Acherus, the service of the King will be the quest name and it has simple instructions. The floating Necropolis is known as "Acherus", so we can assume that he'll be somewhere nearby. Walk across the Necropolis to him.
Old Razuvious is up to his old tricks training Death Knights. When you talk to him he'll give you the next question: The Emblazoned Runeblade. Essentially you need to grab a Runebladed Sword from a weapon rack nearby. You can't miss them. Return and you'll get your first Runeblade.
The followup is to make preperation for the battle. It shows you how Runeforging works. Select the rune, apply it, them return. The Endless Hunger instructs you to kill an Unworthy Initiate. You have got two choices. One is to wipe out, close the game and kill someone who want to become Death Knight. Other is to head to the centre of the room, unlock one and kill it.
The Eye of Acherus commands you to use your eyes to go spy the evil, use the eye beside him to go "analyze" the four targets. They'll have large red arrows pointing at them. Use "Shroud" to hide yourself from enemies, "Summon Ghouls" to take their attention away, and "Siphon" to analyze the marks. It's not as hard as it seems.
The Might of the Scourge begins. Walk into the teleporter behind the Lich King which will take you to another level of the Necropolis where Mograine is. He'll give you Report to Scourge Commander Thalanor along with a buff to make you run really fast through the Necropolis. Go to Thalanor (he's nearby) and get a gryphon down. He'll give you The Scarlet Harvest asking you to see Prince Valanar. You'll see Valanar walking about. Now we're going to have a large group of quests to get done and we'll knock them all out.

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