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Developer Q/A & Retribution tree (src)

Author: inwowgold Source:

So my question to you would be, has it been discussed between the developers about our mana regeneration, and if it would be at all possible to have it scale?
It's not clear to me why your mana needs to scale. Your spells don't keep increasing their cost as your gear increases, and in fact your damage does increase as your gear improves. Caster mana increases with gear, but whatever item budget they are spending on Int, you get to spend on other stats, such as Strength.

As I've said though, we do think we will change mana drains to a percent so that they aren't strictly more effective against classes with smaller mana pools.

I know you've been busy reading, but has something like this been considered? I'm sure you realize how we feel about Divine Storm being more or less just like a warriors whirlwind and why we are petitioning for this to go back to holy damage.
If Divine Storm went back to Holy, its damage would have to drop by a lot to compensate (maybe 40% or so). There are some design advantages to having it stay physical. For example, an Arena team can send a plate wearer to fight the Ret pally since Divine Storm will do less damage to that person.

Ultimately, we would like to have the spell feel more different from Whirlwind, but understand that our first priority was just to get paladin damage under control.

My final question and then i'll let you get back to working on the class, has to do with Righteous Vengence.
You're going to have to explain a little more what you mean about it being resisted often and doubly affected by resilience. Maybe someone else explains it in this forum and I'll see it soon. When crits are prevented from resilience, they typically do not prevent secondary effects that would have been a result of that crit. It's physical damage IIRC, so it shouldn't be resisted or dispelled at all, but I'll look into that. Ultimately though we wanted this talent mostly for PvE utility, so you shouldn't expect us to buff it a lot for PvP purposes. We supply two camps wow gold us and eu server for wow players. Neglected which camps you in ,you also can buy gold wow here. We understand what our buyers need so we offer an instant way of delivery 24 hours a day.


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