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Developer Q/A & Retribution tree (src)

Author: inwowgold Source:

51 Pointers are broadly situational. I don't think it's totally fair to expect something other out of Divine Storm.
This is true, and Divine Storm is less situational than a lot of the 51 point talents.

41pt better than 51pt...what?
We don't inflate the value of deeper talents. If the bottom talents were always the best there would never be any reason to take less than 51 points in a tree.

The core rotation should be sustainable without requiring the use of JoW. JoW should be for mana regen above and beyond that core rotation. It's bad enough in PvP that judgements don't return mana when they are absorbed. Now we essentially have to use JoW in PvP because of that limitation to JotW which means we're no longer choosing between extra mana or stopping a runner: we're choosing between necessary mana to function and stopping a runner.
I really don't see a lot of paladins judging Wisdom in PvP. Unless you are being mana drained a ton (which as I mentioned is something we do plan on fixing) I don't understand how you can be going out of mana while fighting someone. Now if you blow a lot of mana, you may have to pause in between fights. Most mana-using classes have to do that.

There is still a lot of debate on these forums about how long a paladin can go before running on fumes. So far a lot of players are finding results similar to ours, and I think some (though not all) who do claim to have trouble are being disingenous in hopes of getting it buffed. But we'll keep watching to see what happens. If we reach the point where Ret paladins are just getting slaughtered in PvP then we'll know we went way too far. I don't see that happening yet though.

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