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Did you know the Barbarian skills and controls?

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Did you know the Barbarian skills and controls? Now let's come to see what is the Barbarian skills and how to control it.

The biggest change to the Barbarian's interface and controls comes from Fury. See the Fury page in the Diablo Wiki for full details. In brief, Fury is the new mana, but only (so far) for Barbarians. Fury replaces mana, but unlike the old blue bulb, it does not fill up when not in use. Barbarians have zero Fury to start with, and only build it up during combat, when they land successful strikes to their enemies. As soon as the Barb is not fighting, the Fury starts to drain away, and it seeps out quite quickly. I frequently filled my Fury bulb completely during a fight, paused to pick up an item or two, then ran to find more monsters, and arrived just as my Fury went down to nothing.

The only big Fury expenditure available in the Blizzcon build was Battle Rage, a wary cry that boosted the Barbarian's damage by 100%, increased critical damage by 30%, and lasted for 15 seconds. (With one point in it, which was all the BlizzCon build allowed to active skills.) That was half, or more, of my total Rage, but I never minded spending it. The combat improvements were substantial, and since Rage faded away so quickly, I had a constant feeling of "use it or lose it."  Whenever I finished a battle with a full Rage bulb, I tried to remember to cast this war cry, since the precious juice would all be gone by the time I got to the next battle anyway.

As for the skills available, I mentioned earlier that the Barbarian played like a D2 Barbarian with better graphics. The starter skills were quite similar as well, at least superficially. The new characters were level 6, and already had some skills placed, to make things quicker and easier for the fans. Therefore all Barbarians started out with a point or two in two passives in each of the three skill trees. The skills were all Tier 1 passives, such as Power of the Battlemaster, Iron Skin, Power of the Berserker, Heightened Senses, and Power of the Juggernaut.

This gave the characters some survivability, so the new players wouldn't die immediately, or feel like they didn't have any skills to play with In addition to those passives, there were some active skills with a point in them, and others that could be enabled as soon as your character leveled up a time or two. I got to use or watch other players use Frenzy, Bash, Cleave, Battle Rage, and Hammer of the Ancients. All of them were fun and visceral and had great sound effects, but using them wasn't much different than seeing them in a gameplay movie. They're all familiar to anyone who played a Barbarian in D2, in function and form if not name.

They're mostly melee attacks, and whether they hit a single target or two, hit a little faster or knock back the monster, or swing a magical hammer overhead for huge damage, they all involve standing toe to toe and clicking away until the zombies or skeletons are dead Which they were, usually after just 2 or 3 hits. The skills did make a difference. I used Bash, Frenzy, and Cleave constantly, and noticed considerable differences between them. Damage shows up on the screen in D3, so every time I'd whack a skeleton or zombie I'd see a little number showing that I'd just done 22, or 34, or 51 damage.

It varied, of course, and I was constantly plugging in the different weapons I found, until I eventually settled on a two-handed sword. It did by far the most damage of anything my Barb found at Blizzcon, and that big weapon was more useful than dual wielding, or using a sword/shield, at least against the slow swinging, low-damage early game enemies.

The sword showed me something new, too-D3 Barbarians can not hold a two-handed sword in one hand. Only one-handed weapons could be dual-wielded or used with a shield. That change aside, dual-wielding is still a big part of the game. I kept doing it accidentally, as I tried to hold a single one-handed sword, and found myself automatically equipping every other one-handed weapon I tried to pick up. In the early stages of the game dual wielding isn't much more damaging than simply using one one-handed weapon, since the hit rate isn't that much faster with two weapons than with one.  That will change later, of course, since there are a variety of skills to boost the Barbarian's dual weapon abilities scattered through the three skill trees.


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