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We don't have a problem with the spell. It is useful in PvP and provides a nice damage buff in PvE. Some of its abilities, like the Immolate, can be useful in the right situations. (src)

It was said in a blue that Demonology = PvP Spec while Destruc is turning into PvE spec
What I said, and I clarified later, was that Affliction and Destro seem to do competitive damage in PvE. Demo is lower than that, which is not ideal, but we are also concerned Demo's survivability might make it the only raiding spec if its dps was just as high. In the meantime, we think people will still spec Demo because it is useful in PvP.

Our new design is there are no PvP vs. PvE trees. But it will take some time to reach this point because we didn't want to rip out every talent of every class and start over. The death knight has 3 trees with different flavors, but no PvP, PvE and tanking tree. The warrior and hunter are a lot closer to that than they used to be. We're working on all the others, including Demo. (src)

I doubt raid leaders are going to be bringing death knights just for Hysteria. The whole point is nobody brings something unique to raids so important that it gaurantees them a spot. Locks still have several very potent buffs -- it's just that there are other ways to get those now too[wow gold].

The Felhunter was just too well-suited for PvP. There was no reason to bring any other pet.

We would like to get the Voidwalker a little more use besides just leveling though. (src)


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