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Discuss on Raiding

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Blizzard, to its credit, noticed this trend and worked to rectify it in proceeding raid zones with various mechanisms. First and foremost, it began to release smaller, 20 man raid zones in which guild members would need to depend on each other more to achieve success. While these smaller raid instances did achieve a measure of success in helping to build social bonds, it also exacerbated the problem of "cliqueyness" within the larger guild structure. The introduction of new boss design in 40 player raids proved to have a similarly mixed effect. Beginning with the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and continuing on into Naxxramas, some boss designs required players to organize into small, nearly self sufficient groups to achieve success.

Take for example the Battleguard Sartura encounter or the Bug Trio. Players were forced to work more closely together than ever, and it became less and less possible for even one or two members of a forty player raid to give less than 100% and still be successful. This looked like a step in the right direction. However, because the fights were so difficult, and the challenge in finding forty players night after night to give 100% on every encounter so overwhelming, many guilds fell apart due to a breakdown of the social structure that had previously held them together. Many began to feel as though raiding was a second job instead of a fun and engaging social experience.

With the release of The Burning Crusade in early 2007, though, raiding and the social community it engenders began to look up again. Especially since the introductory BC raid zone was a small, 10 player zone (Karazhan), WoW players began to reorganize into smaller, more tightly knit guilds full of friends and relatives: people that enjoyed playing the game together. Even when players then transitioned into larger raids with Gruul's Lair, the relatively smaller raid cap of 25 players** allowed for both raid design that forced all 25 members to participate at a high level and the tighter social bonds that that design stimulates.

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