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Dungeons of Wrath of The Lich King

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     World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King is still in beta, but many challenging dungeons and dangers already beckon, so we heeded the call. 
     In the realm of the Lich King, there are many dangers. The will of Arthos echos thtough Northrend, ancient frozen kingdoms gripped in his armored fist. Titans keep close to their own secrets buried deep in hidden vaults, and the Blue Dragonflight threatens to tear the world asunder with wild magic.Come along with us as we explore the instanced adventures of the icy north and see what the latest expansion has in store for you.
Utgarde Keep is richly atmospheric within and without. From the vantage of Valgarde, the Alliance outpost, Utgarde stands like a giant tombstone on a massive grave. Dragon riders swoop down from stone spires spewing fire on the terrified mortals below, killing the lucky ones. Within, Utgarde contains the regal squalor of a Viking fraternity house; its splendor spoiled by wild and savage tenants. Dragon-head banners bedeck the halls, covering finely engraved eagles, symbols of the bygone builders. A huge war forge greets your entrance, and it is here that the Vrykul invaders look most at home. Clanging hammer against anvil, the beast men forge their war tools before a curtain of fire and an audience of skulls that spew their applause in flames.
The Howling Fjord is a deep glacial gash hewn into a brutal wilderness where Alliance forces cling to their waterside outpost in the oppressive shadow of Utgarde Keep. Now home to a depraved band of brutal men known as the Vrykul, Utgarde Keep clearly marks the bygone golden age of a lost civilization with its sweeping stone architecture and sophisticated engravings. It has been leased to the Vrykul by Arthas in return for the beast men's continued campaign of chaos. If you are ready to travel to Northrend, then Utgarde Keep is ready for you.
If you like the color blue, you'll be right at home in The Nexus. The frost-and-magic design aesthetic from the outer environs continues inside through the citadel's base floor. Much of the instance is inscribed with glowing runes, as well as bristling with crystal and ice. One path to an elemental boss is lined with trees that glitter so brightly they're almost painful to look at--all crystal foliage and shining treants. One wing of the dungeon is almost entirely ripped apart by the overload of magical forces, with a vortex so strong that it's pulling nearby creatures to their deaths. Just from running around, you clearly get the picture that the Blue Dragonflight has gone thoroughly insane--if matters are this out of control at the lowest level of the tower, what's happening at the top?
When the Titans created the world, they also created the dragonflights to keep watch over it. The domain of the blue dragonflight was magic, and Malygos was its guardian. Driven insane with grief over the almost utter annihilation of his race by the betrayal of the black dragon Deathwing, Malygos has only recently risen from his stupor to find the world in turmoil. Having decided that the current state of affairs is due to mortals meddling with magic, he now channels much of the world's magical energy to the Nexus, his stronghold in Northrend. You may want to gain a level or two before you challenge him.
Wrath of the Lich King will be a fun and enjoyable game because it's ever changing I mean look it changes all the time and a new experience everyday so it's always new kinda my opinion. I can't wait to see it.

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