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Enter The World Of Shadows

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If each of the Cheap Shots lasted full duration, it would be 20 seconds of stuns applied in just 10 seconds. However, you are then left completely out of energy in the center of the enemy group: not a place that a Rogue should find themselves. Option B would be a very controlled stunlock against a single target. However, without the Vanish component, you are very vulnerable to being crowd controlled for the duration of your Shadow Dance.

Using Shadow Dance can extend a stunlock (especially against casters) for quite some time, and is one of the key draws of the talent. The ability to use Garrote to silence is very effective since Cheap Shot will be on diminishing returns very quickly if used more than once. I will say that in its current form, I am very disappointed with Blizzard's attempt at a 51 pt Subtlety talent. The previous iteration provided extreme defensive and offensive options, and really would've added some finesse to the deep Sub Rogue's lineup. It was a very classy talent, and now it is simply reduced to an Ambush spam for big crits and instant gibs.

Against highly resilient targets with healers to back them up, I don't forsee the return of the pre-TBC Ambush Rogue two-shotting people outside of BRD. Blizzard has taken such great strides to avoid that style of gameplay, and it is time for Rogues to let go of the dream of returning to our glory days of being completely unstoppable.Dueling outside of Orgrimmar tonight, everyone trying out their new talents, taught me that true balance is entering a fight without assurance of victory. I have dueled countless Gladiator-quality Warriors, and it was nearly impossible to defeat one as Shadowstep. They can turtle with their shield up and I get trashed every time. But now, with Dismantle, I actually have a fighting chance of taking down a Tauren in plate. I entered every duel with the knowledge that I could easily be defeated: I, with my new spec; them, with their new spec. It was Russian roulette in Durotar, and it felt good to know that I could die at any time.

That's less than 500 DPS from each of them. A rogue in kara level gear pre-3.0 could easily manage that without buffs. If it was just the pally healing, that's less than 1K DPS from the rogue which isn't impressive either. By the way, our cheap wow power leveling is still on sale, please come to us if you need the powerleveling service, you can come to our site have a look, compare the price and the level what you decide to order and buy wow gold from us.


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