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Faction gear for Druids

Author: Allison Robert Source: wowinsider

Boots of the Neverending Path -- Exalted, Level 80: Boots for teh kittehs! This is the best pre-raid piece for cats, especially if you're hurting for +hit, which you probably are with all that +haste and +penetration crap on leather. The notion of "sharing" gear with rogues might have left you with the impression that getting +hit on leather was going to be a doddle, but apparently that's not the case; there is a ghastly lack of +hit on the leather you're likely to be hitting 80 with. This one piece will be 2.01% of your +hit at 80. Get it. Slap Icewalker on it. Profit! Or kill stuff, as you prefer.
Signet of Hopeful Light -- Exalted, Level 80: Wowhead commenters are bandying this about as an excellent choice for Paladin and Shaman healers. It's also OK for moonkin, although it's the latest in a (very long) line of reputation caster gear entirely devoid of +hit. With no spirit or mp5 on it in addition to +36 haste, it's a decidedly mediocre ring for Restoration. Moonkin may want this if they're otherwise +hit capped and can use the solid +spellpower and +haste.
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