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Farming Gold In Nagrand

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 In World of Warcraft, farming gold in Nagrand is the boring thing for most of the players online. But, fortunately in the World of Warcraft's The Burning Crusade Expansion the new Outlands has a host of areas which can offer you a surprising amount of gold, if you have your wits about you that is.
  At the auction house, the market prices are constantly fluctuating, two of the base products of gold grinding in the outlands can almost double in value in the space of a few hours. This can leave you kicking yourself if you sold something only for it to appear at twice the price of what you put it on for in an hour time.
The auction house isn't the only way though, sometimes you can sell a large amount of something (10+ stacks) for near the auction house value and without it taking its cut. It is always a good idea before selling anything on the auction house to advertise it in the trade channel for the price or maybe even a little more than you where going to put it on the auction house for. You will get a few annoying people offering you ludicrously low amounts, just ignore them and stick to your guns, it will pay when someone wants to buy wow gold you have for more than you were going to sell it for in the first place.
In the outlands, this drops nearly here and there, its price varies widely, however on most servers it fluctuates between 4 wow gold and 10 gold, a good time to consider selling this on any server is between 7-8 gold, it might not be the best price you could get for it, but you wont lose precious world of warcraft gold in auction house deposits. The best part is that there is always a high demand for Netherweave Cloth, so you can nearly always sell this in the trade channel. To pick up Netherweave Cloth I suggest killing the Trolls in the Warmaul Compound in North West Nagrand, There are plenty of mobs to kill and you generally get 1-3 pieces of netherweave per kill, plus you get some Warmaul Beads, which are excellent for getting your rep up with both Kurenai and the Consortium.
At the same point, these drop very regularly in Shadowmoon Valley, and go for large amounts in the auction house especially since scryers is an overplayed faction, so, many more people are buying these over the Aldor at that moment. You have the abilities to pick up a lot of these grinding just west of the Scryer town in Shadowmoon Valley, between the two bridges there is a road heading south, there are two paths, one has a huge amount of the blood elves in groups of three and close together that you need to kill, it may be easier to do this in a group of two or three, however if you are soloing take the path a little further on, up towards Eclipse Point, here the blood elves are spread out, and not in groups, Not only will you pick up silver, netherweave and the two Scryer hand ins for these but you will also notice a high drop rate of greens and even the occasional blue, all these can usually be sold on the auction house or even disenchanted.
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