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Fishing Guide:Dalaran Fishing

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Dalaran is a neutral city, where "sanctuary" rules prevent Horde and Alliance attacking one another. Like the big cities of Azeroth, you can rest (gain the rested experience bonus) while fishing in Dalaran.

The waters of Dalaran require 430 effective fishing skill to cast, 525 to stop fish getting away. Anglers with 375 skill should improve their skill elsewhere before fishing in Dalaran - unless you have a lot of gear and are prepared to use the best lures.

There are 3 different areas of open water, each with unique catches. These areas are marked on the map, right:

The Underbelly - The sewers beneath the city contain a lot of water, most of which can be fished. There are 2 ramped entrances to the Underbelly from the surface level of Dalaran (shown on the map), plus a magic well (which will teleport you into the sewers) and a tunnel which can be used by those flying into the city on their own flying mount.
Outside the Violet Hold - The waters in front of Dalaran's prison dungeon, The Violet Hold.
The Eventide Fountain - The fountain next to the fishing trainer, in The Eventide district of the city. As the Bent Fishing Hook prove, this is physically tricky to fish in, because the area of water is very small: Position yourself a few steps back from the edge of the fountain, and most casts will land in the water.
There are no pools in Dalaran: All fish are caught from open water.

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