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Gearing up your Holy Paladin for Crit

Author: Zach Yonzon Source: wowinsider

7. Wrist
Not too many options for bracers, but you just might manage to get the Catalytic Bands off Mage-Lord Urom in Heroic Oculus. But since you're doing Heroics, anyway, you might as well aim high and kill the traitor king Anub'arak in Heroic Azjol-Nerub. The big bug drops Flamebeard's Bracers, which will be the best epic plate wrists outside of Naxxramas.

8. Hands
If you're doing Heroic Nexus for your waist, why not hit two birds with one proverbial stone and get the Grips of Sculptured Icicles to drop from those frozen commanders. Your next upgrade after this should already be inside Naxxramas. If you want a sure thing, make your way to Sholazar and make friends with those tick-infested Frenzyhearts. Aside from the Legplates, you can also get Sparkly Shiny Gloves at Revered status.

9. Shield
Even though I think Utgarde Pinnacle -- or at least the part with the boss on a proto-drake -- is totally sickening, there're a bunch of good upgrades in there. Fortunately, you'll only need to kill King Ymiron in Normal mode and hope that he drops Tor's Crest. When you finally do Heroics, you can save up enough Emblems of Heroism for a gorgeous Protective Barricade of the Light. It only takes 35 Emblems, so about a week or two worth of casual Heroic runs should do the trick.

10. Main Hand
Unless you've got the Gold to spare to have a Blacksmith craft the 3.0.8 nerfed Titansteel Guardian, your best option is to get the Gavel of the Brewing Storm. This is available from the Wyrmrest Accord at Revered reputation, so it might take some time. Since you'll need to hit up Heroic Nexus for a number of drops, anyway, be on the lookout for the War Mace of Unrequited Love. It has no crit, but it's appropriately epic and will be the best weapon you can carry heading into Naxxramas.

A very good alternative would be the Hammer of Wrenching Change, a reward from Tirion's Gambit, the latter part of an epic solo quest line in Icecrown. Notice a trend here? Icecrown has excellent blue rewards that can be obtained while soloing. The quest itself is steeped in lore, well-scripted, and wonderfully dramatic. Do it for the sake of enjoying the game, if not for the good loot.

Filler gear
Fortunately, a lot of caster gear is stacked with Haste, making the choice for a cloak merely one of accessibility. If you're Honored with the Kirin-Tor, the Shroud of Dedicated Research isn't a bad deal at all. Tailors can craft a Cloak of Frozen Spirits extremely easily with 8 Bolts of Frostweave and a Northsea Pearl. There's a bunch to choose from, including quest rewards from Sholazar Basin and the Nexus. The same can be said for rings and amulets, a bunch of which come from quests, dungeon drops, and even crafted by Jewelcrafters.

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