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General Changes in the Latest Patch

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Death Knight Mount Model will be updated in the next build
Updated model coming in the next build.
Grand Caravan Mammoth to be useable in the next build
The mammoth will be operational in the next build.
Armory Snowy Gryphon to fly in the next build
Fixed in the next build.
Armored Brown Bear price won't change
The brown bear will probably stay priced how it is in Beta.
Low level quest tracking feature
Yes, low level quest tracking is in the game. Just click on the little magnifying glass on your mini-map and select the low level quest option.
Avoidance and Combat Update
Everything on the server as it relates to combat ratings, critical hits, avoidance diminishing returns, etc. should now be working properly. I'm looking forward to feedback from the community about the changes, and especially any hard data from combat logs. I'll try to help with information as possible but we're very busy right now. Compressing all the information from various code and data sources into a coherent, readable post takes time that I and others need to spend on other things right now. I also have faith in the community's ability to construct an accurate model of it from empirical data.
Hippogryph Mounts to get more colours in the future
We'll add more over time.
Tigole on Tabard Storage
We don't have any immediate plans for a Tabard UI but something to consider is that the Tabard vendor in Dalaran sells most of the tabards for very cheap. There really is no reason to hang on to them unless you're wearing them. Also, the Tabard vendor there will replace certain quest Tabards (such as the Tabard of the Illidari) if you destroy it.
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