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Guide To Ogri'la reputation

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The Ogre plateau of enlightenment opens to those who prove their worth in Blade's Edge Mountains. Level 70 players will be able to help the Ogres of Ogri'la battle invading forces and engage in new and exciting quests, such as a repeatable and ever popular bombing-run, this time using your own flying mount but with a dangerous twist! Featuring tons of new quests, the Ogri'la faction, 5-person bosses, and rare and epic items, Ogri'la is a place we're hoping all will aspire to enter.

The Ogri'la area is opened at level 70, the quests are opened by talking to NPCs in lower city, eventually leading your way to Mog'dorg the Wizened in Blade's Edge Mountains. This faction is a side-faction gain for the Sha'tari Skyguard, as some of the quests here give reputation for both of them.

Players begin at neutral with this faction.

   There are several factions that you can raise your reputation with to gain great items and geat that you could not otherwise gain in the World of Warcraft. So we take this golden opportunity to talk about the mini guide to help you with your Ogri'la reputation.
   Ogri'la is actually a large village of ogres who are not like their counterparts in the game. They are not under the control of the Gronn Lords, and they are not combative and brute-like in nature like other ogres you will meet. This specific group is actually in a continuing battle with the dragons of the Black Dragonflight, the Burning Legion, and their old lords, the Gronn Lords, who still hold so many of their ogre brethren under their control.
There are several different things that you will need to know about Ogri'la so that you can raise your reputation with them the right way and learn what is valuable to them, and what is not. For example, instead of gaining enough reputation points with them to just buy items, you have to earn the reputation points so that you can get the Apexis shards and crystals that they use as currency. These shards and crystals can be gained from daily quests they offer, mining the Apexis formations in the area, and from mobs that are nearby the village. Once you are high enough level to begin purchasing items from the Ogri'la ogres with Apexis shards or crystals, you will find that you will be able to get some great gear and other items from their vendors in the village.(By the way,wow power leveling can help you out)
Most of the players who are working on their Orgi'la reputation will also need Apexis shards to get special items for extremely rare vendors that only appear after a specific raid quest. Here is the low down: you need a full 25 man raid party for this quest and you will need to protect a group of Sha'tari Skyguard as they launch an attack on the Bash'ir Landing to the northeast of the Ogri'la village.(wow gold) There will be three different waves of attacks here on the NPCs that you have to defend. You want to make sure that the NPCs stay alive during these attacks. If all of the NPCs are killed, then the raid ends and you have to wait another two hours for the attack to begin again. Each different wave will have a boss that you will have to kill as well and they get harder as they go, with the third one being the hardest.


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