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Guide to PvP as a Paladin

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In the game of World of Warcraft, the paladin is a force to be reckoned with. The player who can set up the right pvp paladin build and set the right weapons, is the player who take control of any match.
We are getting to know that most of the players want to know how does PvP Paladin to take control. So we avail ourselves of this opportunity to make mention of it. If you have great interest, it is a must that you should pay close attention to the following content.
The paladin is a force to be reckoned with in the game of Warcraft. The player who can set up the right PvP Paladin build and set the right weapons, is the player who take control of any match. We've been asked by so many gamers what the best for a Paladin is, so we'll finally shed some light on the topic.
So when should I use Divine Shield?
This is maybe the single more misunderstood ability that Paladins have.  In group PvP, Divine Shield is more than a tool to avoid direct deaths.  Divine Shield is often most useful when you cast it to remove debuffs, such as Mind Control or Polymorph.  Remember, it can also remove all forms of player casted debuffs, so often times you can allow the competition to unload on you, and divine shield to force their attention elsewhere.  Also remember, for the duration of the shield, you're invulnerable and not losing health.  Many times, it's better to heal others while Divine Shield starts and they're taking damage, and then heal yourself near the end of the effect, right before you're vulnerable. 

Suggested User Interface Mods

Holy Hope Mod:

This mod helps a Paladin maintain control over Judgments and Blessings in an easy to use Graphical Interface.  It also has controls for summoning the Paladin mount.


This mod is a must have for any Paladin that PvP's in groups.  It will allow you to push one button, and the mod will target and cleanse any effected targets.  It also gives a detailed list of who is debuffed, and gives options about priority and debuffs to ignore.  


This mod will calculate your damage and healing from spells based on your current gear.  It will give you a fairly accurate reading of how often you will critical strike, and what your average hits would be.  Very helpful when comparing gear and understanding how upgrades will affect your character.

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