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Guide to PvP as a Paladin

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PvP as a Paladin can take on many forms.  We are a hybrid class, and will be able to perform many roles.  Paladins must make choices about what they are most comfortable doing, and tailor their spec and gear to that decision.  Remember, you play your character, and you know your individual strengths and weaknesses so don't be afraid to play your own way!

Right here we're going to give you some tips and options that we've come up with that produced maximum success for us and should for you. We'll also show you a website we found that you might want to check out if your serious about getting ahead in world of warcraft. Let us begin.
First and foremost we get asked whether a player should go with a 1 handed or 2 handed weapon. This solely depends on the Paladin in question; for some reason we would recommend one handers and for another reason we also would recommend two handers. During levels 20 to 30 you will benefit more with a two hander, because soloing will come more often then and most of the good one handed weapons require higher levels. But once your up to snuff going two handed is the better option. We would like to make use of the Ironfoe which deals 73- 136 damage with speed at 2.40. You'll need to be at 55 or higher for it though. With a good shield this weapon will come in really handy for tanking.
We also get asked a lot about what PvP Paladin build we like to run with. We have a couple builds, but this on right here is great offensively as you know Paladins deal relatively lower damage. For holy talents we placed Spiritual Focus 5/5 points, Illumination 5/5 points, Improved Blessing of Wisdom 5/5 points, Divine Favor, and Divine Wisdom 4/5 points. Ignore protection talents! You benefit more if you use your remaining points at the retribution tree. Place Benediction 5/5 points, Two-Handed Weapon Specialization 5/5 points (the added offense I was referring to), Seal of Command, Vengeance 5/5 points, Deflection 5/5 points, Consecration 1/1 point, Precision 3/3 points, Conviction 5/5 points, and of coarse Blessing of Kings to cap it off. This paladin build gives you all the necessary DPS talents from the retribution tree and the essential bonuses from the holy tree. You'll do great in PvP if you try this out.
It's undeniable that the Paladin is a unique character. There often used by players in the wrong way which leads to many kicking them to the curb, because they had the wrong PvP Paladin build. When used correctly, however they can be a dominant class, you just have to practice with them.
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