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Haste gear for Warlocks in Northrend

Author: Zach Yonzon Source: wowinsider

At Level 78, you might venture into The Oculus and get The Conjurer's Slippers from Mage-Lord Urom. A much easier alternative -- although also Stamina-less -- is The Darkspeaker's Footpads from the Mind Flayer Forgotten One chained up in the Saronite mines in the heart of Ymirheim in Icecrown. Tailors can craft a Stamina-laden but Intellect-starved pair of Silky Iceshard Boots. They're very good because they have both haste and crit, but the materials are slightly more expensive compared to the other tailoring items we've mentioned.

If you happen to grind reputation with the Wyrmrest Accord, they offer an excellent reward aside from a sweet dragon mount. The Sandals of the Crimson Fury are available at Exalted reputation and have Stamina, haste, and a blue socket.

8. Chilly Slobberknocker - At Level 76 you'll need to get a group of friends to help you with the rite of passage that is the Amphitheater of Anguish series of quests. Shifty Vickers in the Underbelly will send you to Zul'drak on The Champion's Call. The last part of the chain will unlock the Achievement The Champion of Anguish and (if you did the Ring of Blood series in Nagrand) Of Blood and Anguish.

This would replace the Staff of the Purposeful Mendicant, which is a reward from completing a long series of quests in the Borean Tundra. You can get that early on, but you'll need to complete three different quest lines in the area. I'll skip on linking those, as it confused even myself, although it was a pleasant surprise to return to Warsong Hold and get a blue reward.

These are but a sampling of the many items available in Northrend for Haste. When finally geared for Heroics -- it's not that demanding now compared to The Burning Crusade -- it'll be easy enough to replace most of these pieces with Tier 7 or Heroic epics and items from Badges. Next week, we'll take a look at crit gear (Blizzard seems to have split up haste and crit for the most part) for those who like to make things go boom.

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