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Healadin Build :Gear

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Gear for a healadin is a fairly easy when compared to many of the other Paladin build types.  You're main concerns should be +Healing, Intelligence, Stamina, Spell Crit and +mana per 5 seconds (+mp5). Luckily all of these come in at least pairs on most healing items you will find.

Intelligence and +Healing are by far the most important stats as they will allow you to cast more effective heals over a longer time that the other stats. To be truly effective you should aim to have at least a mana pool of 6000 and +400 healing by level 60 and 9000 mana and +1000 healing by level 70. If you focus on these stats you will also gain enough of the other stats as they are common on all the gear that has the other stats. While stamina is important so that you can take a hit, you will likely get enough while focusing on the other abilities that you will not have to hunt it out on your own.. While stats will vary from player to player due to individual preferences, the following is a minimum that I would aim for before attempting to heal either heroics or the early bosses (pre Curator) in Karazhan.

Stat                                               Heroic / Karazhan Min. Value (Unbuffed) 
Health                                                                  8,000 
Mana                                                                   9,000
+Mana per 5 seconds                                         70
Holy spell critical cast                                          15%
+Healing                                                              1000

I have compiled a suggested gear list of items available pre-Heroic to get you close to those numbers. There are several pieces that are better, that could be added but are very difficult to get or create, but this list will get you ready for heroics and / or Karazhan and you can then fine tune with other gear to get raid ready. An excellent option once attuned to heroics is to collect the badges that drop from heroic bosses and the heroic daily quest to turn in for the amazing badge reward items. Several of the reward items are some of the best per slot items you can get short of the very hardest Burning Crusade raids.

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