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Heirloom Item

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You guys have discovered our Heirloom items. These (as you know) are Bound to account, which means you can mail them to any character on the same realm. They also scale with level. So you can mail these to a level one character and it will have appropriate stats (although slightly uber) for about 10 levels and then the item scales in power again, all the way up to how you're seeing it now.

We're also going to add some Bind on Account non-scaling items for higher level alts. in the future.

Let me elaborate on how these work for everyone.

1) Heirloom items Bind to wow Account. This means you can mail them between other characters on your account of the same faction.

2) Heirloom items' stats scale to the level of the person wearing them.

3) Heirlooms' power is equivalent to a blue item of the characters level.

4) Heirloom armor pieces will transform based on the type of the gear the character is capable of wearing. That is to say Heirlooms that are Plate on a level 80 character will be mail when equipped by a level 1-39 character who can wear plate. Items that are Mail on a level 80 character, such as Herod's Shoulders, will be equippable by people who can wear Mail armor at level 40.

   You've read already about Heirloom items, which were implemented in the latest beta build and are bind-to-account. You can equip them, and then when you get a replacement, send them to any alt you have on the server; the stats on the items scale with level. They're bought with heroic/raid badges, as far as I can tell.
In Wrath of the Lich King, Emblems of Heroism are one of the Badge of Justice equivalents. They're acquired through beating Heroic bosses and 10-man raids. Currently 25-man raids award Emblems of Valor, which are not used for any Heirloom items.
Unless you're a chronic altaholic, you may want to hold off on buying these Heirloom items, because there's also a wide variety of epic gear you can buy with it that's Bind on Pickup. Again, these are the Badge of Justice equivalents. Think of the Heirloom items like the epic gems or Nether Vortices from The Burning Crusade. If you want to gear up your main, these items are going to be things you buy after you have nothing else left to buy. If you spend most of your time leveling up alts, these items may be very good for you to buy right away. These items are called Heirloom items, or Bind to Account (BoA) items.
They aren't tied to any one character and can be freely passed from alt to alt, but they're all tied to one account, the account that bought the item. No handing them over to your friends, no mailing them to other players, no mailing them to your second account. So far none of these items are drops, but rewards for more veteran players of the Wrath content. There are two different ways of earning these items, but they dovetail nicely.

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