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Horde Leveling Guide (level 1 to 12)

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Being able to power level in World Of Warcraft is not very hard if you have a good Horde Leveling Guide. It used to be the only way you could get a horde leveling guide for WoW was by picking up one of the written horde leveling guides

Playing Horde is different than playing alliance, so using an alliance WOW power leveling guide won't do you much good from a strategic point of view. Horde and alliance players start in different areas too, making it really impossible follow the same leveling guide. Luckily, there is a great WOW horde leveling guide by Joana Mancow. This guide makes it easy for horde players to get some direction.

Eversong Woods is the home of the Blood Elves and all new Blood Elf player characters start here.
Having just started a character you should head to Silvermoon City and pick your professions and start leveling your skill in them early. In the zone you can find high concentrations of peacebloom, silverleaf and moderate concentrations of earthroot for herbalism there.
All Forsaken begin their un-lives in Tirisfal Glades. No race is more isolated than the Forsaken. Fighting not only against the Alliance forces but also the Undead Scourge held in ghastly thrall by the Lich King, few among even their allies in the Horde ranks would deem them trustworthy. Their presence is an aberration against nature, and their core motivations under the demon lord Verimathras are cloudy at best.

The Starting Locations
The biggest thing that I look for is information on the starting location and what kind of leveling I can expect around there. My favorite strategy guide is one that takes me from level 1 to level 12 in the same area. It also told me of the various common points among the races (the Barrens, for example) and what to expect when I get there.

Having a guide that doesn't offer any real unique information based on where you start can be confusing. If you are an undead player, for example, don't you want to know what's around Deathknell?

The Quests
Figuring out what to do can be fun if you've never played WOW before, but it's not that much fun when it's your second or third time through and you still haven't found everything. A good horde WOW leveling guide will cut through all of that and flat out tell you what to do, where to do it, and what you can expect in the way of monsters, items, and experience.

Some people may find this to spoil the fun, but I disagree. It doesn't spoil the overall story line, and it doesn't even get into any of the cool details- it just tells you where the quests and side quests are.

I came over from Dungeon Siege 2, and the difference was massive. Dungeon Siege was relatively linear, though there were areas that you could go explore and hunt around in. Generally, it was questing from one end to the other. World of Warcraft is different, so it only makes sense to have some kind of direction. Not using one would be like going to a new city without a map


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