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How do I get to Northrend?

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For Alliance, head to the northernmost dock at Stormwind Harbor to get to Borean Tundra or take the boat out of Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands to be dropped off in Howling Fjord.

For Horde, the zeppelin in Ogrimmar leads to Borean Tundra and the zeppelin out of Undercity will take you to Howling Fjord.

Consider camping out your character at one of these spots the night before launch so you can head right over as soon as you have the expansion loaded on your system.

I'm in Borean Tundra and my buddy is in Howling Fjord. How do I get to him[wow gold]?
It will take you some time grab the many flight points that connect these two zones. In the meantime, there is a series of three Tuskarr villages along the coast line that will offer you rides between them via giant sea turtles. You can take them all the way from BorTun to HF or vice versa. Just head to up the coast until you find a dock with a walrus guy. There is a stopover in Dragonblight. A more extensive explanation with pictures and coordinates will be posted here tomorrow.

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