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How to Level Priest?

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How to Level Priest? First you have to get to 80 to enjoy the best parts of the game. A lot of people think that leveling a priest is really hard because the priests are mainly healer class. Well that is simply not true with right talent build and with an effective priest leveling guide you will be able to speed your priest through all the 80 levels. The right build is obviously the Shadow Tree. Without it you will not be able to deal damage. But how should you exactly spend your talent points to have the best damage output?A good Priest Leveling Guide will tell you! There is an ingame addon which tells you where to spend your next talent point! It is also very important to choose the proper gear. For leveling a priest the most important stats are the spell power, intellect and the stamina.
But what makes a good Priest Leveling Guide? First of all the most important factor is the effectiveness of its leveling methods. The best one might be the Team iDemise Priest Leveling Guide because it provides the fastest way to level your priest to 80! Besides that it is very important for a priest leveling guide to be practical. All the guides are pdf document which means you have to constantly alt+tab between the game and the guide. But the iDemise Priest Leveling Guide is different it is an ingame guide so no more alt+tabing. Apart from these benefits this priest leveling guide also includes a feature called MapMod which enables you to follow the instructions of the guide on your map. Another extremely useful feature is the ingame Waypoint System that places a red arrow on your screen showing where you should go now so you will never get lost again.

It is not hard but not easy to level, just take it easy and happy in your Priest.

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