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How we review each Alliance guide

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We rank each guide on a scale of 1 to 10. Creative, I know. Each guide is broken down into the sections you find below and each of those sections is graded from 1 to 10 to create the composite score for the guide.

While speed will depend upon your personal playing style, most guides have proof of how fast they have attained level 70. Pretty simple - the faster the higher the rating.

The best guides SHOW you where to go. We will note which have detailed maps. Some people prefer to know which quests to do, but not necessarily where to go for them. The more detailed the maps the higher the score.

Quest details
Most guides not only tell you which quests are the most efficient but will also link out to Allakhazam/wowhead/thottbot/etc for more details on exactly what needs to be done. The more details for each quest the higher score the guide will get. Makes sense, no?

Some wow guides provide videos from start to end. Some include videos to show you how to kill some of the harder targets on quests several levels ahead of you - which means more exp. The breadth of videos determines the guides score for this section.

Many guides are done by Hunters or Warlocks. The quests you'd do most of the time will remain the same regardless of class - however, this means the videos may not help you as much on some quests. Some guides are class-specific. Obviously you do not want a guide geared specifically at hunters if you plan to play a Paladin and so on.

Most guides give free updates whenever they become available. However, some do not. We let you know which do and which don't.

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