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Hunter Guide

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 In the World of Warcraft, Hunter is a hybrid class like Druids, Paladins and Shamans. As such, it can be difficult for them to choose gear at times. Unlike Rogues and Mages, who can focus exclusively on 2 of the 5 primary stats, Hunters have at least some need of almost all of them. Here I'll briefly discuss how each stat affects you and what you should look for in items.
Strength is their least useful stat. You can be sure that an item which provides little other than strength is a bad Hunter item. For each point of strength, you gain one melee attack power and nothing else!
But Agility is the most useful stat. Items with high agility are the staple of your equipment. Each point of agility gives you 1 melee attack power, 2 ranged attack power, 2 armor, and a marginal amount of crit and dodge. If you have the Survival talent, Lightning Reflexes, each point of agility counts as 1.15 points.
For each class, a basic Stamina stat is very useful. The more stamina equals, the more HP you gain. Don't sacrifice too much agility for stamina, but make sure you have enough to survive the inevitable melee encounters you'll face. Each point of stamina gives you 10 HP.
Believe it or not, almost all your abilities use mana. Each point of intellect gives you 15 manas and nothing else. In the past, we thought that Intellect affected the critical strike chance of certain Hunter abilities, but this has been contradictory.  
Spirit, simply put, raises your mana and health regeneration rate. Unless you're a troll, spirit won't help you regenerate health when you're in combat. I'm not a math genius, so I'm not sure exactly how much mana regeneration 1 point of spirit provides! Take it if you can get it, but don't go out of your way to gain spirit.
In PvP, you're going to take a beating no matter what you do. Your gear should provide a lot of Stamina, followed by Agility and then focus effects like +Crit, +Parry, and +Dodge. Extra mana helps you sustain battles longer, so go for +22 Intellect enchants on your weapons if you can afford them. A 'glass cannon' (Something which causes a lot of damage but is easily destroyed) does not fare well in most PvP.
If you roll against a Rogue on Barman Shanker weapon, he may have a heart attack and die. Its slow speed makes it excellent for use with Rogue abilities, but in your hands, it is just another trash weapon that won't do you much good.
In general, you want the highest-DPS ranged weapon you can find. If you are comparing two ranged weapons with similar DPS, choose one that has a slower attack speed. This is less of a concern for Hunters than it is for Rogues and Warriors, but slow ranged weapons are still better. You may prefer a fast weapon for PvP, as it will interrupt casters more often, but this is a matter of preference.
The Hunter class is extremely versatile. You can see the whole battle whereas melee classes only tend to see what's immediately nearby them. Your abilities can do a lot of clever things to help prevent tragedy and you can control yourself better than anyone else. Use these facts to your advantage at all times. Don't be clumsy. Our class suffers a long history of bad reputation, and it's all of our jobs to fix it by amazing other players with our usefulness.
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