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Hunter Overview in Wrath of the Lich King

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Larger Pet Stables
There are now two more slots available in the Stables! The first new slot costs 50g, the second costs 150g.

Mechanics & Gameplay Changes
Here is a quick summary of some of the major points of the new system. More detailed changes can be found on the Pet and Pet Talents tabs:

Pet Loyalty removed to make Pet leveling and maintainance easier.
Taming low-level pets is easier than ever. Now all low-level pets level up to 5 levels below the Hunter when tamed.
Pet Training and Learning new Skills from other creatures has been completely removed. A system of Pet Talents with trees for three distinct purposes takes its place. Pets now gain Skill ranks and Talent Points automatically.
Pets now come with set skills when first tamed including basic damage and taunt abilities, a family-specific ability, and all passive resistances.
New Pets
A variety of new Pets have been added, including the new Moth and Wasp pet families! A variety of new Pets from the current families are available in Northrend as well, including new Wolves, Birds, Bears, and Warp Stalkers.

Exotic Pets
Exotic pets are a new form of pet available only to Hunters who take the 51-Point Talent in the Beast Mastery tree: Beast Mastery. These pets have special and unique abilities unavailable to the regular pet families.

Hunters skills can be assorted to Marksmanship, Survival and Beast Mastery. Marksmanship skills focus on ranged damage dealing, beast mastery focuses on your pet, and survival focuses on traps and melee abilities.
Marksmanship skills focus on ranged damage dealing, which includes some Auto shot, Arcane shot, Multi-shot, and Aimed shot, together with the hunter's Mark that grants additional attack power against that target, and Distracting shot that causes additional threat allowing you to get a creature off of a cloth wearer and into a trap.
Beast mastery focuses on your pet, which includes spells that affect animals, such as scaring beasts, or causing your pet to enrage. A very underused spell that is from the beast mastery school of magic is eagle eye that allows hunters to scout out areas ahead of them for danger.
And finally the survival focuses on traps and melee abilities, in other words, they have their emphasis on close combat and surviving in it or escaping, such as the disengage, which lets you jump back out of melee range to provide range to attack the opponent. There is also feign death, which allows you to play dead and hopefully have the enemy ignore you, this is used in groups to drop threat and allow the tank to hold threat even when you are doing large amounts of damage. For melee spells survival adds Raptor Strike, Wing Clip, Counterattack, and more.
Hunter Traps
Hunters also have traps that allow you to either cause damage, slow or stop your enemies when they come near it.
Frost Trap: Places a trap that slows all enemies in its area of effect.
Freezing Trap: Places a trap that freezes one enemy in place for a period of time.
Immolation Trap: Places a trap that burns the enemy causing fire damage.
Explosive Trap: Places a trap that explodes causing damage to an enemy and further damage to all enemies over time that are nearby.
Snake Trap: Places a trap that contains a number of snakes that when released attack nearby enemies.

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