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Hunter PvP In Combat

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   PvP can be one of the most challenging aspects of an mmorpg. Hunters are considered to be one of the best classes to gain honor points in World of Warcraft battlegrounds.
   Here we want to make mention of the Hunter PvP in combat. As Hunter fans, we know the fact that you can not wait to see it in detail. Please see the following content.

Hunters are a ranged class. Virtually all of the damage abilities that hunters get in World of Warcraft are about increasing the character's effectiveness in ranged combat. Because the hunter is a ranged combat class, the first thing a hunter must do in PvP is avoid getting involved in melee combat. This is difficult for the hunter, as paladins, warriors, rogues, and feral druids exploit this weakness.

Abilities like freezing trap can give the hunter an edge in moving speed. Hunter spells like aspect of the pack are best not used because any hit a character takes while the spell is active will stun the hunter.

   You know a BM hunter by the pet that gets big and red and angry. Fortunately, a Warrior with a shield is the worst matchup for this Hunter spec.
When the Hunter's pet goes berzerk, swap to defensive and walk towards the Hunter. If you have 'zerk rage up, you should be able to gain enough rage to pop shield block a few times. Defensive stance will minimize the pet's increased damage, and block will reduce both pet and Hunter damage (at higher echelons of gear, it's possible to start fully blocking autoshots from lesser-equipped Hunters).
The Hunter WCs you, your speed will be reduced more than the Hunter's (40% vs. Hamstring's 50%), allowing them to slowly get away. However, if you can stay right on top of him, the shorter duration of WC (10 seconds vs. 15) will stop him from getting range to start shooting you. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance you pop another hamstring as soon as you get WC'd.
Likewise, the Hunter WCs you and pops their PvP trinket to remove hamstring, or if they land an Improved WC (five second immobilization), use Int. Shout if you have the rage, spam CB if not. Either one will give you time to walk up and land another hamstring.
If the Hunter feigns death, immediately spam instant abilities. Concussion Blow is great for this. If you stun the hunter while he's on the ground, he remains in combat and cannot drop a freeze trap at your feet.
In the worst case scenario, the Hunter escapes, swap to defensive, run towards him and soak damage until intercept is cooled down. The cooldown on Bestial Wrath is two minutes, so it's unlikely you'll have to deal with an insane pet twice in one fight, and a BM Hnter's overall damage is low enough that you should be able to survive like this for some time.
It's nearly impossible to tell these specs apart, but it's also not that important. Most Hunters use a 31/20 MM/Surv or 30/21 Surv/MM build; the only ability which would tell them apart is Counterattack, a root Survival hunters can use after they parry. Otherwise, their abilities are almost identical.
Most MM/Surv Hunters will attempt to chain trap you. Basically this consists of Scatter Shot, FDing, laying a trap at your feet, walking off and out of combat, setting another trap, and hitting you with an aimed shot. If the second trap hits you, the cycle starts all over- when you catch up to him, SS and FD should be cooled down (thirty-second timers), so he'll just SS and trap you again. Your best chance at thwarting this is to make sure hamstring is on at all possible times. This will slow the Hunter's escape from combat, lessening the chance he'll be able to drop a trap before you can intercept him.
Most of Hunters will use Scatter Shot in order to get you trapped, and you'll deal with greatly increased ranged damage, but otherwise your strategy won't be much different than against a BM Hunter. This kind of fight basically revolves around being able to stop the hunter from trapping you into oblivion; if you can force him into extended melee, you have a definite advantage. Use all the various snares at your disposal to keep him in range, as most equally-geared hunters do very poor melee damage against a shield-carrying Warrior

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