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Hunter Taming Guide

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As a level 10 hunter, you earn one of the best perks of being a hunter - your hunting pet. To earn your pet you have to complete a series of quests. We want to help you complete the quests efficiently and enjoyably.

This is the place for information on:

1- Where to go to start the Beast Taming Quest Chain,
2- Tips for the Beast Taming Quests
3- Where to Find Each Beast.

Where Do You Start?

All Hunters must perform the beast taming-training quest chain in the area designated for their race. You can not accept and perform these quests if you are not in your own race-specific area. This is nominally a five-quest chain, however, the only purpose of the first quest is only to send you to the one Hunter Trainer for your race who can give you the beast taming quests.
If you go to any other hunter trainer at level 10 for your usual even-numbered level training, that trainer will offer you quest 1 in the chain as well as your training.
Huntress Kella Nightbow- Interestingly, the Draenei receive their quests from a Night Elf. You will find Night Elf Huntress Kella Nightbow on the docks west of the Exodar. near Valaar's Berth. This is on the west coast of Azuremyst Isle south of the Exodar.
Grif Wildheart hands out the quests to dwarf hunters. You will find him in in Kharanos, Dun Morogh, directly across from the Kharanos Inn, on the west side of the road up on top of a little hill.
Night Elf hunters need to see Dazalar in Dolanaar. You will find him standing just outside the east entrance to the Inn.

Tips for the Beast Taming Quests:

First of all, use your beast tracking skills to find the beasties you seek. (Hover over the icons that appear at about 10 to 11 o'clock on your mini map in the upper right hand corner of your screen. One of them will say "click to choose tracking type" when you hover over it. Use that and select beast tracking wow gold.)
Secondly, placing the taming rod (or taming totem) on your item or action bar is a great idea. This keeps it handy for use when you find the proper beastie to tame.
In order to tame a beast you must target it (with a left click or with the tab key) and then right click the taming rod or totem. The beastie will approach you and you will see little hearts floating above his head. He will attack you. Don't attack the beastie. Allow him to hit you and do not move. After several hits the beast will stop attacking and will be your pet. At this point you get credit for the quest, even if your pet runs off before you can return to the quest giver.
If you attempt to tame a beast and see "Invalid Target" when selecting the beast make certain you are targeting the exact beastie you are supposed to tame. For example, make sure it is a nightsaber stalker, not just a nightsaber, or a dire mottled boar, not an elder mottled boar, etc.
If you should accidentally destroy the taming rod/totem abandon the quest, and then go get it again. You will receive a new taming rod or totem.
If the taming rod/totem appears gray and you cannot use it, then you are still using the rod/totem from the last quest. Remove the old rod/totem from your bar and use the new one.
You will get a new taming rod or taming totem with each quest. Each rod/totem that you receive is for a specific beast. Hover over it and you will see which beast it is intended for. A new rod/totem will appear in your backpack after you accept the next taming quest in the chain.

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