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Hunter in Wrath of the Lich King

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Let's take a moment and review all the basic sources of information you can use to help propel your level 70 Hunter into Northrend, on to level 80, and then on to greatness!


Scattered Shots offered some basic tips for Hunters getting ready for Northrend, including some suggestions for levelling specs There's a few tweaks still needed for the sake of Hunters even at release time, but Scattered Shots shows you how to handle those bugs in the mean time. Make sure you understand the new defensive setting for pets BRK display Green Arrow's oldest trick in Freezing Arrow and a new Wolf.

What is the best looking pet? David Bowers has you covered with a list of the most beautiful critter-killers available. Our Beast Mastery and Exotic Pet special features covered some of the specific families you may want to use: Bats, Chimaera, Core Hounds, Devilsaur, Silithid, Spiders, and Worms. BigRedKitty takes it a step further with videos of Hunter animals in action: Gorilla(din), Mammoth (it counts, in BRK's mind), Crocolisk, Bat, and Raptor, the Rhino, the Sporebat, Wind Serpent, and Worm, the Crab, Cat, and Serpent, and everyone's favorite screen-shaker, the Core Hound. Yeah, Petopia was updated Experimenting with pets is now a little easier, since pets level faster than in Burning Crusade.

Alliance Vanguard and Horde Expedition

Much like in Burning Crusade, the first faction you encounter in Wrath will be based on your side, and the quartermaster for either side will carry items that are mostly the same stat-wise.

If you're a fan of Phat Loot Phriday, chances are you may recall why this set of factions is a recommended grind for most Hunters. At revered and level 78, the Alliance will get access to the Sawed-Off Hand Cannon, while the Horde gets the Sin'dorei Recurve Bow. These weapons edge out the Crossbow of Relentless Strikes for DPS, so if you've been carrying it around since 70, here's a nice quick and dirty upgrade.

If you're a dual wielder, you might find that the level 78 Warsong Shanker, aka the Vanguard Soldier's Dagger, has a nice outlay of Hunter stats. Finally, if you PvP, you'll want to pick up the Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator. The arcanum is an exalted reward, while the daggers are revered.

The Oracles and the Frenzyheart

Next, we come to the Scryers and the Aldor of Wrath of the Lich King. In this case, I have to say that I believe the Oracles win out, both because they're not jerks and because they have the better rewards. Sorry Wolvar., a professional, loyal and reliable best wow power leveling work group has been created for years. We are also a wow gold seller and paypal confirmed seller for years, so it is the best and securest way to power level your character to your desired high level fast, buy wow gold now,our world of warcraft gold is very cheap.


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