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Hunter in Wrath of the Lich King

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At revered, the level 78 Toothslice Helm not only looks pretty cool, it provides stats that make it pretty competitive with Gronnstalker, although it lacks the metagem slot. At exalted, the Oracle Talisman of Ablution provides not only a great amount of critical strike rating, but free mana on kill, perfect for chain pulling situations. Anything that keeps you out of Aspect of the Viper a little bit longer is probably a good thing, right? To top it all off, you can also buy the Mysterious Egg from the Oracles, which will eventually hatch into a variety of things, including one of three to four different vanity pets.

On the Wolvar side, there's honestly not much. Their only ranged weapon is thrown, and while it looks cool, it isn't a Hunter weapon. If you insist on grinding the Wolvar though, the Azure Scrappy Pants at honored aren't the worst you can do for a leg slot if you don't mind wearing leather, and at Exalted, you can grab a haste trinket that also gives a 10-second damage buff, which for my money isn't as good as the Oracle exalted trinket. They have a Disgusting Jar, but so far it doesn't seem to give out pets like the egg does, just Frenzyheart Brew, which is I suppose is okay if you like looking like a jerk.

Argent Crusade

The Argent Crusade is the reformed Argent Dawn, but there's more reasons to grind it than just the nostalgia factor. There's some pretty nice Hunter gear too.

At Honored and level 78, you'll be able to pick up the Cloak of Holy Extermination, which is essentially a greatly upgraded Dory's Embrace, shedding the critical strike rating and resilience for some nice juicy Agility. Chances are this cloak will be a good upgrade for you, at least for finishing the grind up to 80.

Revered gives you the opportunity for another ranged upgrade. The Zombie Sweeper Shotgun definitely blows all three of the ranged weapons we were discussing in the last section out of the water, with superior DPS, superior high end damage, and a good outlay of extra stats. You'll have to wait until level 80 to use it, though.

If you finish the exalted grind for the Crusade, you have one more level 80 reward coming your way: The Polished Regimental Hauberk. It has over double the agility of the Gronnstalker's Chestguard, and edges it out on most other stats too. Combine this with a very sizable portion of hit rating, and you'll likely want to consider this upgrade. If you don't mind the armor hit on yourself or your pet, the Boots of the Neverending Path are pretty solid for Hunter DPS too.

The Wyrmrest Accord

The Dragons may still be mad at us for that whole Dragonstalker armor deal, because their Hunter rewards are few and far between. Dual wielders may find the Fang of Truth to their liking at honored reputation. If you don't mind wearing leather, you can also grind to exalted to get the Dragonfriend Bracers, which have a nice amount of attack power, critical strike rating, and agility. And face it, you'll probably be grinding to exalted eventually for the dragon mount.

The Sons of Hodir

These are another faction you'll definitely want to grind for, since they provide shoulder enchantments for your end-game. At Honored, you can get the Lesser Inscription of the Axe, and at exalted, the Greater Inscription of the Axe.

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