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Instance Guide

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Get the Quests
Make sure you and your party has all of the required quests before entering the dungeon. List all of the quests you have in party chat. You can also check your quest log which shows how many people in your party have quests in common with you.
Hit enter to open up the text box while in party chat.
Open your Quest log and select a quest for that dungeon.
While holding down the shift key, left-click on the quest title.
Repeat step 3 for each quest.
Finally, hit enter to send the list of quests to party chat. Note: you can only list a limited number of quests in a single line. You'll need to use another chat line to list additional quests.
Party members will then see what quests you have and can see if they are missing any. Make sure you tell your party members that this is why you are listing your quests. Share whatever quests you can with the group. Experienced players will already know what you're doing.

Daily Dungeon Quests
Random Daily Dungeon quests have been added for both the heroic and non-heroic five-person Outland dungeons, as well as for the 5-person Caverns of Time instances. Each day both a single heroic and a single non-heroic dungeon are randomly targeted by these quests. The Consortium quest givers can be located in Shattrath's Lower City.

Make sure you are prepared for the major time commitment necessary to complete the dungeon. Ask about how long the dungeon will take. Some are fairly quick to beat, while others will take lots of time. It's very bad for the group if you leave in the middle of the instance, so do not enter unless you're willing to go for the entire ride. Let your group know about any time concerns you have prior to entering the dungeon.

Establish Loot Rules
Make sure the party is aware of the looting rules at the beginning. There are several options such as /random 100, need before greed, and so on. Establish the rules before the items start dropping.
Typically, the highest-quality equipment and weapons can be found within instances. This makes hunting in them very appealing. However, it also attracts people that are there simply for the loot. Make sure that before you enter the instance, everyone has agreed to how the loot gets divided. The group may be hoping to find a particular item for a particular character, or they may be prepared to sell everything that drops and split the cash. Usually items that can be used by multiple members of the party are "rolled for." It is considered proper etiquette to pass on items you cannot use; however, there may be items that the Group Leader decides that everyone should roll for. The Group Leader has control over the loot Policy setting. Make sure you know what this setting is and what you may or may not do with regards to loot. Most arguments between players stem from loot issues. Don't let Loot spoil your fun.

Do not loot bind on pickup items
Dungeons have many items, typically blue and above, that are bind on pickup. This means that once the player picks up the item, it's bound to their character. They can no longer trade it and can only sell the item to the vendor or destroy it. There is a popup box that asks for confirmation before looting a bind on pickup item. Players should always pause at that popup and make sure they are supposed to loot the item first. If you pick up an item by mistake, you can cause irreversible damage to your reputation as other players might not believe it was an error. This can also cause additional repercussions such as difficulty finding groups, or demotion and ejection from your guild.
A good trick to use is to count down before looting a bind on pick-up item. "Looting X in 10, 9, 8, etc." Then wait a little longer once you get to 0 before looting it. That way you can say you gave people a chance to complain prior to looting.

Single Run vs. Multiple Visits
Some dungeons such as Deadmines are designed for a straight through one-time shot. Other dungeons, such as Scarlet Monastery, are meant to be completed in multiple trips. For example, in Scarlet Monastery you can do The Armory one night, and then do the Cathedral another night, and so on.

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