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Level 68 to level 70

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Absolutely the zone is filled with quests, and betweeb it and Shadowmoon Vally it is very easy to finish leveling from 68 - 70 without ever entering an instance if you do not want to. Many of the quests are chains and only appear after pre-requisites have been completed, so don't give up if there does not appear to be many at any given time. Horde and Alliance both have access to 3 flight points in the zone.  The zone is also the home of the Consortium, a group of Ethereal traders. They have created several bio domes in the area in an attempt to return the zone to its former beauty.
Shadowmoon Valley is the other end game zone in the Burning Crusade and as such is really meant for players level 67-70. It is located in the south east of the outlands and is vast demon infested area. Everywhere you go in the zone you are likely to find giant demons wandering and fighting. Even the faction towns are under constant attack.
The zone houses 1 town per faction that each have flight points. For Horde it is Shadowmoon Village while the alliance has Wildhammer Stronghold. In addition each faction from Shattrath has a city here with a flight point, they are The Altar of Sha'tar for the Aldor and the Sanctum of the Stars for the Scryer.
This zone is full of quests, however initially it may not seem like it. Most of the quests are chains, or only open up one pre-requisite quests have been completed, and a vast many more are only available once you have reached level 70.
The Sethekk Halls are the second most difficult instance in Auchindoun, which are one of the wings of Auchindoun in the Terokkar Forest. The halls are teeming with the odd birdlike creatures called the Arakkoa that look like escapees from the Dark Crystal movie.
Sethekk Halls are meant for players level 67 through 70, however if the entire group is at the low range of this you are very likely to have issues completing the instance. There are several difficult parts and the last boss requires skill and power to beat.
In the Caverns of time instance, you get to go for another fun romp through the history of the World of Warcraft. You must travel back in time to a critical point to protect the existing time line. Protect the time line from who you ask? There is a force called the Infinite Dragonflight who is trying to corrupt the timeline and change history as we know it. Because of this Nozdormu and the Bronze Dragonflight have begun recruiting helpers to protect the time line.
In this time instance, you are sent back to the Black Morass to protect Medivh in his attempt to open the Dark Portal. To do so, you must stop wave after wave of Infinite Dragonflight MOBs with little rest time in between. The instance is a completely scripted even from start to finish meant for players level 68 and above. It is commonly referred to as BM because of the fact that it takes place in the Black Morass, now called the Swamp of Sorrows.
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