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Level 70 PvP Gear

Author: inwowgold Source:

I did a lot of PvP and meant that you should be keeping all the honor for level 80 rewards. Blizzard was going to reset the honor points and marks for expansion, they mentioned something about adding new PvP gear in the upcpming patch encourage people spend to their honor. If you wanted to gain gear upgrades through honor at level 70 when Wrath of the Lich King arrives in a few days. Maybe it doesn't hold your breath. At that moment, Blizzard has stated that Season 3 rewards won't be available for honor points and that Brutal Gladiator items will retain their rating demands.
Everyone is level 77, and there's a lot that is unfinished. This is more anecdotal about the state of things, and not really analyzing how things will look in the end. At level 70, there're no plans to make Season 3 gear available through the honor system, due to the want of new rewards for Arena. since all honor gear available through vendors are two seasons old, all current level 70 rewards will remain as they are. The personal ratings requirements for Brutal Gladiator gear will also stay in place, pointing out that the gear will last well through the Northrend leveling experience. At last, Blizzard intends for the gear to be "somewhat limited in availability."
Level 70 Arena is dead unless it becomes some strange new form of twink PvP. I highly doubt that because getting to Level 70 (witdh wow gold) requires quite a bit more time investment than, say, Level 29 or 39. It is also the lowest level of the next Battlegrounds bracket, which means that players staying at 70 will be at a great disadvantage in any given Battleground. That's quite opposite the twink philosophy, which I believe should guarantee the death of Level 70 Arena play. There are also no end-of-season rewards for Level 70 at the end of Season 5, so players' best bets for PvP gear are Season 2 Merciless Gladiator items. Then again, S2 items should be easily replaced by Northrend quest greens and dungeon blues, so… you're probably better off saving your Honor for the endgame.
Personally, I think Blizzard should hand out a set of basic PvP gear to everyone beta testing when they raise the level cap so we can really give it a whirl in a more balanced environment. As a matter of fact, the Season 3 and 4 gear you see now will likely be the last pieces distributed to players. Most players will be leveling to 80 and others who have yet to hit 70 will skip past the gear. Although ranked matches at Level 70 will continue to exist, the payoff will be so slow - players will need to wait one week in order to get Arena points - it makes no sense to farm Arenas for leveling gear. Since ranked matches will only be at Level 70 and 80, it means that players will need to stay at Level 70 for a long while just to get some gear that will eventually be replaced.
If you guys have any questions about the state of PvP in the Wrath beta, leave a comment and I'll see what I can find out for next time.

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