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Lingering questions:make a Death Knight

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There are a few bugs which are sometimes preventing people from creating a Death Knight, so try our bug workarounds.

If you're still deciding on your Death Knight race, a quick look at Racials for Death Knights could help, or this list of Roleplay hooks for Death Knights by race.

A lot of people have been using these last few months to put in a stockpile of items and gear to send to their Death Knight to smooth the road to 70. Here's a list of some of the stuff you might be able to grab for your Death Knight.

Yes, you will be getting some nice blue gear. As far as Talent specs go, the latest installment of Lichborne introduced 3 solo DPS specs for each of the 3 Death Knight trees. You can also get some advice on how to attack and which major glyphs to use for each spec.

So now you're out of the newbie zone and leveling through Outland. Let us give you some suggestions on upgrading your gear. At the same time, check our analysis of the value of grinding reputation with various Burning Crusade factions.

Death Knight Skills, Talents, and Advanced Tactics
If you're new to the melee or tanking game, you'll want to read up on this sage advice from a fellow tank. And the other sage advice as well.

If you're going down the Blood tree, Mark of Blood can be your best friend, if you know how to treat it right.

In the Unholy tree, you'll want to learn about your Ghoul friend for sure.

Horn of Winter: It's how a Death Knight says group utility. You'll also want to get familiar with Runeforging, the self-only weapon enchantment system for Death Knights.

It seems like one of the great decisions you'll probably have to make as a Death Knight is which side of the dual wield vs. 2-hand debate you fall on. Let's give you an introduction.

When i left for work there were a dozen level 58 DKs in Hellfire, and one guildie stayed up all night leveling his. Whatever floats your boat. Anyway my unscientific poll of this pool had 4/5 going unholy, and 1/5 going blood. They said all trees were viable for tanking/dpsing.

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