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Mage DPS Guide

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   As we all know that deep Fire is recognized as the highest Mage DPS spec, and it's currently the only one we'll be working with here. We're not saying you can't do good DPS with other specs, but Theorycrafting puts Deep Fire at the top.

   As a Fire Mage, Fireball is your bread and butter for single-target DPS - spam it on bosses and trash alike.

Scorch does significantly less DPS than Fireball, and is used primarily for its delicious stackable debuff (+15% Fire damage). You'll want to make sure that it's always stacked to 5 during boss fights (or arguably on any mob that stays up longer than 20 seconds). It also comes in handy in situations where you don't have time to complete a Fireball cast before the mob dies.

Some may choose to work a Fireblast into rotations, but we've only found them useful as finishers, and when on the run.

For prolonged AOE, in general you should use Arcane Explosion over Flamestrike.

If you can safely get within range, use Arcane Explosion for its flexibility as an instant cast (allowing you to be mobile), its threat reduction via Arcane Subtlety, and its larger radius (10 yards). Make sure to use Blastwave whenever it's available.

If you can keep the mobs tightly clustered and/or need to stay at range, spammed Flamestrike has an edge in terms of DPM. Theorycrafting gives it similar DPS, but in practice it's hard to achieve those results. Mobs won't always stay in your 5 yard radius to receive the dot, and the cast time makes it inconvenient in situations where you'll receive periodic damage. Make sure you bind it to a key for quick/easy targeting.

You should bear in mind that you can't do much damage if you're OOM. With the recent changes to Mana Gems, Evocation, and Spirit mechanics, Fire Mages shouldn't have much trouble with mana efficiency on most fights. Use your gems as early and often as possible (don't wait until you're running low) and supplement with mana pots as necessary. Situationally, you might see a need to use Mage Armor instead of Molten Armor, but this should be avoided as you'd be missing out 3% Crit (66.3 Crit Rating).

Being grouped with certain classes can also do a lot for mana management, like having a Shadow Priest for Vampiric Touch, or a Shaman for a Mana Spring Totem. Having a Paladin apply Judgement of Wisdom is also a big boost.

Mages are fragile, and you can't DPS when you're dead. Besides a couple encounters, Stamina is an ignorable stat - you'll be just fine with around 7000 unbuffed health. Use a Healthstone or a pot if your health gets low (bandaging eats into your DPS time), and don't pull aggro.

If you're doing great DPS, you'll need to be extra careful with Threat. Use Omen to make sure you don't surpass the tank on the hate list. Outside of melee range, you need 130% threat of the monster's target to pull aggro. The Mage's aggro-dumping ability is Invisibility, which eliminates 10% of your Threat each second, with a full wipe after the 5 second fade - making it useful even without waiting the full period. If you're pushing the threshold, rotate in a few Threat-reduced Arcane Blasts. For more information, you can choose our wow gold site as the best ones on the current market, because we are in position to cater to any requirements from our customers and players online. More WoW guides in our world of warcraft gold site:

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