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Mage Leveling Guide

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Mage General Information
This Mage Leveling Guide provides some quick tips on how to play your mage and selecting where to put your talent points until level 40. If you're looking for something more detailed from our wow gold site http://www.inwowgold.com

If you want to level as QUICKLY as possible you MUST check out this Alliance Leveling Guide or this Horde Leveling Guide. These are the best in their class step-by-step instructions with maps on how to level to 70 in less than 10 days of playtime.
The Mage is considered an important tool in groups for crowd control and AoE. It comes self-prepared; it can summon its own water and food and pass it out to others. Its AoE damage can be sufficient enough to level off of or you can use other these for single target damage. There is really wow power leveling build for a mage, it depends on how you like to play so I will cover all of the trees.

The master blaster of instant Area of Effect spells focusing on increasing your arcane explosion, wand damage, and damage output will allow you to excel as an Arcane Mage.
I would recommend pulling as many as 8 melee (non-caster) mobs to your mage, about 2 levels lower and using your frost nova and arcane explosion to AoE them all to the ground. You will burn out your mana fast but you can drink water you summon and you will get 8 kills at the same time, depending on how many your mage can handle at a time.

10-14: Improved Arcane Missiles 5/5
15-16: Wand Specialization 2/2
17-19: Arcane Concentration 3/5
20-22: Arcane Impact 3/3
23: Arcane Fortitude 1/1
24: Arcane Concentration 4/5
25-27: Arcane Meditation 3/3
28: Arcane Concentration 5/5
29: Improved Mana Shield 1/2
30: Your choice here, depending on what path you choose and what skills you are having the most fun with. Continue to increase the damage output or damage avoiding abilities like blink. Slow is a definite must for some seriously good PvP action with your mage later on.

There are two big quests to be undertaken in these levels, from level 11 to 20. As a mage you will have the opportunity to do a quest similar to "Ghost Busters"
Description: You should hunt the strange monsters hidden in an inn/alchemist shop and then trap them in containment coffers.


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