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Mage Leveling Guide

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After returning to Andromath with the Tome, you will next be instructed to head off to Duskwood where you need to collect 8 pieces of pristine Spider Silk to bring back to Wynne Larson in Stormwind to get your next level of mage robe.
On the Horde side of things, the first quest will be to speak with Deino in Orgrimmar, who will send you to fill a vial of water from a waterfall in Ashenvale. Kill the Satyrs who inhabit Xavian, fill the vial, and return to Deino who will send you off to kill some "Laughing Sisters".
Killing the sister's, taking their hair, and returning to Kil'hala in the Crossroads, will reward you with some fancy new Mage robes made just for you!
Mage Robe Series Quests
Part I: Ur's Treatise on Shadow Magic
Level Obtained: 26
Obtained From: High Sorcerer Andromath
Description: As per above, the best way to go about this quest is to time it with other quests in Redridge and get a party to assist you with storming the tower. Thankfully the book is easily obtained once you reach the top of the tower and resides in one of the bookcases.
Part I: Waters of Xavian
Level Obtained: 26
Obtained From: Deino
Description: The Satyr's are annoying, but this quest can be done solo. Just be sure to avoid the curses they place on you that can cause you to become randomly stunned. Fill the vial and get out ASAP as the respawn rate on the Satyrs is quick.
Part II: Pristine Spider Silk
Level Obtained: 26
Obtained From: High Sorcerer Andromath
Description: Simply kill spiders in Duskwood (found best along the northern shore) and then once you have recieved enough silk return to Stormwind and talk to Wynne Larson to get your new robes!
Part II : Laughing Sisters
Level Obtained: 26
Obtained From: Deino
Description: Head to Ashenvale and go to the Raynewood Retreat where you will find the Laughing Sisters. Kill them and collect their hairs, then head to Kil'hala in the Crossroads to get the Astral Knot Robes or Blouse.
Levels 31 - 40 Quests
When you are leveling from 31 to 40, you are required to obtain a wand from Tabatha in Dustwallow marsh. Though it may take you some time to get possession of the wand, you will find it very useful in your post-30 leveling till to level 50.
Level Obtained: 30
Obtained From: Find Tabatha from a Mage Trainer
Description: Find Tabatha from a Mage Trainer and from there you will need to travel to find Tabatha. Once you find her, there is a chain of various different quests that will need to be completed before you can be gifted with your own wand.
Upon your arrival at the Desolace, you can find an “Infernal Orb” and its drops of Burning Blade Summoners. Returning to Tabatha with the orb will begin a fight against a high level demon (40 elite).
Now you will be sent off to find Magus Tirth. Find him and go to the Scarlet Monastery to find his book. Since the Monastery has its own guide I won’t delve further into that here, however the book itself is located just after the Mythology of the Titans book.
Bring the book back and proceed to get the quest “Power in Uldaman” which will send you off to Uldaman where you need to fight the Obsidian Sentinel. Don't worry though; this powerful construct is literally the first mob if you go through the Uldaman back door. Defeat the Sentinel and return to Tabatha for the final quest.
Speak with Tabatha one more time and be prepared to fight the 12 Mana Surges that appear. Fight 3-4 at a time, then rest, and then repeat until there are none left. Once you have defeated all 4 speak with Tabatha for your quest rewards.
Equipment Quest
Journey to the Marsh
Level Obtained: 30
Obtained From: Bink (Alliance) / Deino (Horde)

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