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Mage Raiding Tips

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   Mage raiding tips draw near. We can not wait to take a quick look at them. The detailed information we will make mention of them one by one. Please pay more attention.
   The mage talent revamp introduced changes intended to favor Elementalist builds (builds that specced in both Fire and Frost, rather than using Arcane as a support tree). And indeed, Fire mages will want to spend 3 points in the Frost tree to obtain Elemental Precision, which offers a sizeable spell hit bonus (and will continue to, even after trees are revised for the expansion). Unfortunately, the other synergy fire mages will find in the frost tree is Shatter, which has limited use in raiding. In general, mages with a primary spec in Fire are going to find more raid utility out of mana efficiency talents in the Arcane tree than a foray into frost
   Fire specs suffer heavily in the low end raiding game because resistance or even outright immunity to fire is very common in MC and BWL. In all other instances, though, Fire mages do more damage than either of the alternative. They are in line to obtain a new talent, Molten Fury, which will allow for a massive damage boost on foes below 20% life. In lengthy raid fights where that last 20% can be a huge chunk of HP, this will be a huge benefit, well worth going above 31 points in Fire for.
   Frostbolt Mages are kings of the mana efficiency game. Combined with an off-spec in Arcane, a frost mage can expect to last for a very long time before running out of mana. Unfortunately, many of the snaring and freezing effects a frost mage relies on solo and in PVP are worthless in raids, because enemies are immune.
A heavy frost spec gets two key talents that improve mage survivability. The first is ice block, which, like a Paladin's bubble, makes the mage temporarily invulnerable. This talent can be used offensively to remove annoying debuffs, and defensively when a mage pulls aggro. Note that this spell is not an aggro wipe like a hunter's Feign Death or a Rogue's Vanish, so caution should be used in resuming DPS on a target. The other, Ice Barrier, allows a frost Mage to essentially heal himself, reducing burden on healers and allowing uninterrupted casting. Both are recommended for high end frost specs.
Many Mages are going to be tempted to go to 41 points for the water elemental. Stopping at ice barrier and switching to the Arcane tree for mana efficiency and extra DPS upgrades may or may not be a better choice, but we won't know until balancing in the beta test is finished.
It is expansive to get your gear enchanted, and that expense seems wasted if the gear sucks and you replace it shortly thereafter. But remember that enchants are always on, while other consumable options expire after time, or upon death. That makes enchants a decent investment even on gear you'll only be using for a short time. Many nice enchants are surprizingly cheap. Because Mages don't benefit from melee stats, you might find that a cheap 100 health to chest enchant is more beneficial than a very expensive +3 or +4 stats enchant. The best advice is to evaluate whether the item you have is one you're going to have for a long time. If you can afford these, again, they're a huge, permanent boost. Due to the recent changes, the Subtlety to Cloak enchant is somewhat mediocre in the way that threat reducing effects stack – unless you're deep in Naxx, probably this one is more expensive than it's worth, especially for Alliance players.

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