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Mage Tank Guide

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   Here the guide has not done many of the 25 man raids since we have a limited number of people. However we recently cleared Gruul's lair. Searching on Mage forums revealed nothing on how to tank this guy so we thought we would create this small guide to help out newer Mages in Gruul's.

   First and foremost, Krosh is one of the minibosses accompanying High King Maulgar, the first boss in Gruul's Lair. He is different to most bosses since he MUST be tanked by a Mage.

   Krosh does not have a melee attack. It uses a spell shield which reduces incoming spell damage by 75% and lasts 30 seconds. The Mage must spellsteal this. This is why he can only be tanked by a mage and will enable you to take his damage while the guild deals with the other bosses. The Mage must keep up agro by fireing spells at Krosh while making sure to spell steal the shield as soon as its up. Due to his aoe blastwave the Mage must stand out of range of this while tanking and this is the reason normal tanks would find this guy stupidly hard.

   Only can Krosh refresh his shield when yours runs out and he will not do so while casting fireball. Therefore there will be a point where your shield timer runs out and a fireball is coming towards your face! Don't worry there should be a healer assigned to you and you should have enough health to deal with the 8-9k hit. Things like fire ward and ice barrier also take off some of the damage. If you are lucky you can manage to spell steal the shield as soon as krosh refreshes it so that while his fireball is flying towards you you can spell steal his shield.

In fact, spellsteal the shield as much as possible as without it you will die. You should cast fire balls at krosh when ever you have the shield so that you keep up agro once the shield reaches the 3seconds left point just spam the spellsteal button.

It's better for you to stand near the steam and make sure Krosh is over as far to the right as possible. Krosh must be tanked away from the rest of the raid due to his nasty blastwave - so make sure you know where your other tanks will be before possitioning yourself. Your raid leader/ other tank may decide they want this spot so you may have to find a new spot.

Make sure that you are in range of Krosh enoguh to spell steal! A couple of times we have had to move and ended up casting fireballs and then wondering why the spell steal was not working, this ended in a wipe.

As usual, the raid leader will ask you to pull first. Use some instant spell or if you can time it right a scortch or fire ball as the leader counts down. If you hit first the rest of the bosses will start to rush towards you aswell - all other tanks should use ranged weapon/fearal fairyfire etc to pull the other bosses away before they hit you or you will ofcourse die. After you have pulled spell steal his shield that he will put up and run/blink into your possition - make sure he is away from the rest of the raid but ignore the idiot hunter who stands where you want krosh. Once in possition the fight should be relatively straight forward just keep the shield up on you and keep agro.

To larege scale, spell stealing is expensive and in your new tanking situation you may forget to use gems/pots and run oom without the shield on so watch out. Once you have enough threat you can always just stand there doing nothing but spell steal.

Simply this can be achieved with PvP gear or stamina greens but you will need enoguh mana for the fight. Fire resistance gear is not needed dont worry about it you will just gimp yourself and its a waste of badges/money for this fight. With raid buffs you should have 11-13k health which is more than enough. It can be done with less than spell hit cap but resists could mean your death.

More information about Mage tank guide, you can come to our wow gold site to take a look at them in detail. And we best hope that you can get the hang of them without difficulities.

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