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Magus Class Overview

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General Combat Tactics for Magi
Magi aren't the squishiest of casters, but when it comes down to it, they are casters. Certainly, early in the Magus' life, the majority of damage will want to be dealt from range just to keep yourself out of danger. Pet's can be tricky in heavily congested areas so try some solo experimentation before you start dropping pets in a group so that you understand how your pets will interact with the environment around them.
Magus Masteries
Path of Havoc
This path focuses on long-range attacks, and primarily focuses on destroying a single target at a time. A master of this path will typically call forth a Pink Horror to help him slaughter his enemies from a safe distance.
The Path of Havoc's primary focus is long range, single target damage. Spending points in Havoc enhances the baseline abilities Summon Pink Horror, Glean Magic, Surging Violet Fire, and Mutating Blue Fire, earns access to the new abilities Warping Blast, Bolt of Change, and Perils of the Warp, new tactics such as Fiery Winds, Changer's Blessing, and Chaos Unleashed and ultimately the Morale IV ability Soul Leak.
Path of Changing
A specialist in this path understands that change waits for no man, and that Tzeentch demands speed and swiftness in those who serve. The cost of this decision is that his spells dissipate more rapidly into the Winds and therefore are only effective at moderate ranges, but a master of this path is a quick and adaptable sorcerer who uses a summoned Flamer to great effect.
The Path of Changing's focus is medium range damage but also includes some area of effect damage in trade for the lost range. Spending points in this path enhances the existing abilities Surge of Insanity, Summon Flamer, Rend Winds, Dissolving Mists, and Infernal Blast, grants the new abilities Seed of Chaos, Tzeentch's Firestorm, and Chaotic Rift, access to the tactics Infernal Pain, Lingering Mist, and Wild Changing and ultimately the Morale IV ability Daemonic Scream.
Path of Daemonology
This path is primarily focused on exploiting the warped and twisted daemonic Disc that the Magus rides, tapping into its power to unleash massive blasts of power at close range. In conjunction with a summoned Blue Horror, a specialist in this path can rend and shatter everything around him, leaving a trail of ruin and destruction in his wake.
The Path of Daemonology is focused around enhancing your daemons and point blank or very short ranged damage. Spending points in Daemonology enhances the existing abilities Summon Blue Horror, Aegis of Orange Fire, Agonizing Torrent, and Swat Aside, grants the new abilities Exchange Vitality, Instability, Indigo Fire of Change, access to the tactics Chaotic Attunement, Daemonic Pact, and Daemonic Contract, and ultimately the Morale IV ability Firewyrm of Tzeentch.
Character Stats
There are eight stats the affect your character as you level and find better gear. In addition there are eight more stats that are defensive in nature.
Stats at Character Creation
When you first create your character, you have 50 points in each of the offensive stats. You are not able to allocate them, you just get what you get and start leveling from there.
Stats as You Level
At this time, all of the eight main stats do increase each time you level, though they all appear to increase at a different rate.
Since all of the careers get the same sixteen stats, they all have a varying degree of impact on each of our careers. Since the Magus can be short/moderate/long range damage your choice of stats may vary slightly from one spec to another.
Intelligence: Increases magic damage and reduces the chance that your attacks will be disrupted. Magi earn 4.5 points of Intelligence per level. Willpower: Increases healing and increases the chance that you will disrupt a magic attack. Magi earn 3.5 points of Willpower per level.
Initiative: Increases your chance to evade attacks and reduces your chance to be critically hit. Magi earn 4 points of Initiative per level.
Wounds: Increases hit points. Magi earn 9 points of Wounds per level.
Toughness: Reduces all damage taken. Magi earn 3 points of Toughness per level.
Strength: Increases melee ability damage, melee auto attack damage, and reduces the chance that your melee attacks will be blocked or parried. Strength has no noticeable effect on Magi.
Weapon Skill: Increases your chance to parry an attack. Increases armor penetration. Weapon Skill has no noticeable effect on Magi
Ballistic Skill: Increases your ranged damage and reduces the chances your ranged attacks will be blocked or dodged. Ballistic Skill has no noticeable effect on Magi.
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